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Check the fuses near the drivers left foot

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Q: What would cause the speedometer tachometer not work in 1990 240sx?
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If you had a speedometer with a tachometer and you replaced it with a speedometer without a tachometer will it work?

it sure would work.. behind the dashboard are plugs for each function. one for tachometer, one for speedometer, fuel, water temp. ect.. if your new dash doesn't have a tachometer it will not interfere with the speedomet aspect of it. but you will not have a tach obviously. that sucks kid

What would cause all the instrument panel gages like the fuel temp tachometer and speedometer to stop working at the same exact time?

fuse to the dash gone ???

Why would 2000 Chrysler Sebring both tachometer and speedometer stop at same time. The tachometer shows rpm of 5-6 and will not shift?

check the fuses.

Why would a speedometer odometer and tachometer all fail on a car at the same time?

its probably a blown fuse or relay

Why would your speedometer and tachometer on a Jetta 1996 stop working occasionally?

you need a new onr they do this occasionally and then need to be replaced

What could cause the speedometer and tachometer to fail on an 1984 Fiero SE and how would you fix it?

I'm not sure about the speedometer, but if the tach is not working a good bet would be the tach filter. With age, a wire often breaks off on these. Look in one of the service manuals to find location. The speedometer may have a similar sensor, but I'm not certain. Thanks! I will check out the book ASAP. Appreciate your answering.

What would make a 92 sc400 miss fire and tachometer not work properly?

There are several things that can cause your engine to misfire and the tachometer to not work properly. The most common cause is a malfunctioning vacuum hose.

What would cause the speedometer and odometer to fail in a '97 Saturn S12?

sounds like a broken speedometer cable.

What would cause the tachometer on a 99 Pontiac grand am to jump once in a while?

Its going bad.

Why would the temp and fuel gauges tachometer and speedometer not be working on a 1996 Grand Am SE if other lights are on and the car runs fine and the check engine light is not on?


How do you change the speedometer cable on a 1990 Nissan 240sx?

The 240sx does not use a speedometer cable. It is electronic. The VSS (vehicle speed sensor) is located on the transmission. It sends pulses.AnswerI removed my entire guage cluster and never saw a cable, it was all electronic. not sure if that's where the cable would be, but that's what i found, just three plugs coming out of the cluster.

What would cause Tachometer Speedometer and battery gages not to work in 99 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

Loose wiring behind the dash.. Pull the cluster and check the wiring or check with the dealer they know about this problem and they may have issued a recall. Hope this helps

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