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temperature gauge not working can be caused by a bad temp sensor in engine, a bad gauge in dash, or a bad fuse

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Is it possible to have a Pontiac sunfire without a rpm gauge?

Yes, special order.

What does it mean if the oil temperature gauge on my 2002 Pontiac Sunfire goes above the middle mark?

Nothing as long as it is within normal operating range Gauges are just and indicator--not gospel

What would cause a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am's engine temperature gauge to not work?

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Why does the temperature gauge in your 2004 Pontiac grand prix fluctuates so much?

Because it is a Pontiac. Sorry, man.

Why is it when your temperature gauge does not move you do not get heat when your gauge moves you get heat in your Ford Taurus?

The gauge does not cause the heat; it only shows what it is.

Temperature gauge on 2004 silverado 6.0 L doesn't work?

Check to make sure that the temperature sensor is good. A bad sensor is commonly the cause of the temperature gauge not working.

2001 f250 outside temperature gauge quit working Any ideas?

There are several things that can cause your 2001 Ford F2 50 outside temperature gauge to quit working. The most common cause is a malfunctioning outside temperature sensor.

What does the check gauge lights looks like in Pontiac Sunfire?

Answer location of check gauges lightthe check gauges light is on your instrument panel when it comes on it lights up saying check gauges

Would antifreeze coming out of the overflow cause the temperature gauge not to work?

no you need to replace temperature sinding unit

Why gauge glass burst?

A gauge glass may burst depending on the gauge itself. High temperature and pressure situations may cause the glass to burst.

The temperature gauge speedometer tachometer and fuel gauge have stopped working in a 95 pontiac grand am is there a fuse to just the gauges if so; where is it?

Yes, there is a fuse for this. It should be labeled INST.

What can cause the temperature gauge to fluctuate in your 2001 dodge ram 1500?

low coolant

What is likely cause of temperature gauge not working on punto?

Probably the temp sending unit.

Has anyone pulled a Pop Up camper with a Pontiac Sunfire or similar model car if so how did it go?

I haven't towed with a Sunfire, but would suspect that it might slow going. I'd keep an eye on the temp. gauge. According to Edmunds, the towing capacity of an 05 Sunfire is 1000 lbs. I'd certainly try to stay well under that ceiling. FriPilot

How many temperature sending units are there on a 1994 Pontiac trans am?

There are that sends a signal to the gauge and one that sends a signal to the computer.

Where the temperature gauge is supposed to sit at on a 1995 2.3L Sunfire GT about where or if they have a picture that would be great?

Normal opperating temp would be just under the half way point, so around the bottom to middle of the symbol on the temp gauge.

Temperature gauge grounding out on 1999 surburban?

replace temperature gauge

Could something be stuck open to cause a temp gauge not to register cause the fuses have been replaced and also could this cause the check engine light to come on?

Most likely, the temperature gauge's connection is loose. It is usually on the thermostat. An inoperative temperature gauge will cause most check engine lights to come on.

Will no antifreeze in the car cause the temperature gauge to go up?

Yes, because your vehicle will overheat.

What would cause the temperature gauge to go up and down?

If you temperature gauge is going up and down then you may have a problem with your sensor. You should take your car to a professional to ensure that you don't overheat your car.

Where is the oil sender on 1995 Pontiac Trans Am?

My oil pressure gauge is dropping to o and the oil was just changed and is full. What could cause this

What is causing your temperature gauge to be in the cold position and radiator fluid to leak?

A low coolant level could cause the temp gauge not to read correctly. A faulty temp gauge sending unit could also be the cause. The coolant leak, you would have to find the source of the leak to determine the cause.

If a coolant temp gauge is not working will it cause damage to your engine?

An inoperative temperature gauge will not alter how an engine runs, but the operator will not know if the water temperature has risen above normal without a properly working guage.

What would cause the temp gauge to jump to overheating when you start a 1993 acura?

The temperature sensor is malfunctioning

What would cause the temperature gauge not to work on a 2001 ford taurus?

Most likely the sensor in the motor.

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