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do you engage 4WD manually or via the button on the dash? if its the latter then your actuator switch is probably bad. tweek

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โˆ™ 2005-12-05 06:48:41
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Q: What would cause the transfer case on a 1996 sliverado not engage?
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What would cause the front axel not to engage when the transfer case is shifted into 4wd and the rear is working on a jeep wrangler?

If it is 89 to 95 it has a central axle disconnect, they go out all the time. Check that.

What would cause a 96 jimmy to not engage the front end can here the transfer case engage but the front shaft doesn't lock?

check vaccume motor (usually mounted under battery box they rust out you can also find it by following cable from front differential.also if that is not problem on the transfer case there is a vaccume switch that has 4 lines going to it the switch sometimes gets stuck

Can you engage your 4x4 by not using the electronic push button?

No. The buttons operate the shift motor on the transfer case. The only way would be to swap in a manual transfer case.

What would cause the 4 wheel drive to not engage on a 95 Chevy Blazer the module containing the 4x4 button was replaced the light does go on in 4 wheel hi 4?

the transfer case motor has to be replaced

Kicks into neutral after a little while in 4wheel drive button engage what would be problem?

It may have the original transfer case that was recalled

What would cause the 4wd to not engage on a 2005 Silverado?

faulty actuator switch. GM had some problems with these.

What would cause the starter to engage without the key when you hook up the battery?

Starter selenoid no good

What would cause transmission to all of a sudden slip and not engage in first gear?

Sensors got wet

What would cause the fuelnemergency cutoff to engage on a 1996 ford explorer 4.0?

A collision or hitting a bad pothole

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What would cause your rm125 dirt bikes clutch not engage?

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What would cause a rattling noise when putting a car into gear?

bad transfer case

If the transfer pump goes out would that cause the truck to die and not start?

Yes it will. It has to work.

What failed input or sensor may cause the system to engage 4WD when not required?

The year, make and model vehicle would help.

How can you check all possible fuses and relays that would cause the AC clutch not to engage on a 1993 Buick LeSabre?

First, the clutch won't engage if the refrigerant level is low. Start there. Next, check the sensor at the receiver/dryer.

Why will my Lt185 not engage reverse?

The shift censor could be going bad. There may also be a problem with the transmission linkage which would cause this problem.

What would cause a 1997 dodge stratus to just die and will turn over but not engage?

Check for spark at the plugs. Check for fuel to the engine.

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee which is all-wheel drive I'd like to be able to use it on H2 and engage the H4 only when needed Do I have to change the transfer case?

The only way to get true 2-wheel drive would be to replace the transfer case.

What would cause your transfer case to bust into pieces while driving your 97 tj wrangler?

Bad u joint Transfer case was out of fluid,

What would cause a transmission to vibrate or shudder in a 95' dodge ram 1500?

A bad transmount or transfer case .

What would cause a vibration near the transfer case on a 95 jeep wrangler?

sounds like out of center u joints

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What would cause the brakes on a 97 Mercury Mountaineer to be soft and the anti-lock braking system to engage at speeds below 5 MPH?

Check into the ABS pump or module ---- I would say the pump

What would cause a 2000 Chevrolet blazer's transfer case module to go bad?

Corrosion. Check connection at the module for corrosion.

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