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balanced or bent rim. 65;

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Q: What would cause the wheel to shimmy when the tie rod end is good?
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What would cause 97 Pathfinder to have a serious front end shimmy at 60 or 80 mph Wheels were aligned high-speed on-car wheel balance new struts and shocks. Still have bad front end shimmy. Thanks?

TRY CHECKING the wheel bearings. If they haven't been changed recently, then even if they seem O.K., I would replace them anyway, they are not that expensive or difficult to replace. Also check the tread on the front tires. If you see bumps on the outer edge or uneven wear, try rotating the tires if they are in good condition. Hope this helps!

what would cause a rubbing noise on drivers side front wheel especially when braking ( I replaced ro?

what would cause a rubbing noise on drivers side front wheel especially when braking ( I replaced rotor and wheel bearings are good) ?

Other than tires what would cause a shimmy shake problem?

Other than worn tires, with broken inner beltings, or a weight may have fallen off down the road making the tire unbalanced, there are so many things to check. Is your front end in need of an alignment? are your wheel bearings old and have they been checked out lately? How are your tie rods, do you have good solid bushings, and ball joints? Could the wheel itself be bent? Hope this gives you a starting point.

What is wrong when you are on the highway in your 1997 Buick Park Avenue and the car shakes?

Most lilely there are one or more tires out of balance, or there is a tire with broken belts, or a tie rod or ball joint is worn causing a shimmy. A good tire repare facility or front end allignment place could help you. You could check the tires yourself, jacking each wheel and checking for bulges, flat spots or uneven tire wear. Be sure and check the pressure. On the front wheels grab them and try and move them while looking at the tie rods and ball joints. Any movement would indicate a problem. A loose wheel might also cause vibration or a shimmy.

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Do you have to lube the wheel a bearing?

it would be a good idea to

How do know i need my tires balanced?

If you feel any vibration or shimmy in the steering wheel or if you feel the same things in the vehicle you have a tire out of balance. As you need to rotate your tires at least every 10,000 miles that is a good time to have the tire balance checked.

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