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Check TSB 08-31-98A. My multi function switch had to be replaced. (Part # 5012382-AA)

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does the engine in Plymouth grand voyager comes out from the top or bottom?

1995 and before comes out the top. 1996 and later come out the bottom.

What does it mean when a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager jerks right before coming to stop?

There are several possibilities. You could have a caliper that is sticking or you have a warped rotor.

How do you change thermostat to 1997 Plymouth Voyager?

Changing a thermostat in a 1997 Plymouth Voyager is very easy to do. You will need to follow the radiator hose to the thermostat. You will then take the hose off the thermostat and remove the two bolts holding the thermostat in place. Make sure to clean the area before putting the new thermostat in place.

Where is the upstream oxygen sensor for a '98 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

in the exhaust manifold right before the flex pipe. in the 3.0 it is located behind the engine.

When did space probes Voyager 1 And Voyager 2 launch?

Voyager 1 was launched on the 5th of September 1977 and Voyager 2 was launched before voyager 1 on the 20th of August 1977.

Why was voyager 2 sent out before voyager 1?

Voyager 2 was sent out first to allow it to take full advantage of an unusually convenient alignment of the planets allowing it to visit Uranus and Neptune as wellVoyager 1 was launched after voyager 2, but on a faster trajectory which allowed it to reach Jupiter and Saturn before voyager 2.

98 Plymouth voyager trans never slipped before now it won't go into gear only once in a while?

For a 1998 Plymouth Voyager that won't go into gear, the problem may be the shifter or the shifter cable. A problem with the linkage can cause it to not shift into gear. Also, check the transmission fluid to see if it's low. Even if it isn't low, you may need to change the transmission fluid and filter.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1997 Plymouth Voyager 3.0L?

water pump on this 3.0 is driven with the timing belt. it is internal water pump you will have to set your timing before you start replace your timing belt if it is worn out.

Where was the voyager 2 made before they landed it on Neptune?

Voyager 2 did not land on Neptune, it made a flyby.

Was Jamestown before Plymouth?

Yes. Plymouth was founded after Jamestown was founded AND settled!

The names of two US space probes were?

Two of the US space probes are Voyager I and Voyager 2. NASA launched Voyager I on September 5, 1977. Voyager II ended up being launched before Voyager I on August 20, 1977.

How can you remove headlight bulb on driver's side that is stuck on a 1988 Plymouth Voyager?

Use a cloth to protect your hand from broken glass, you must force the bulb from the socket, check for debris in the socket before replacing with a new bulb.

Correct transmission fluid for 1999 Plymouth grand voyager?

ATF+4 is the correct fluid for 99' grand voyager. Many Chrysler transmissions are NOT compatible with standard fluid! ATF+4 is usually the best one to use with automatic transmissions before 2001, ATF+5 after. My '99 Plymouth Grand Voyager's owner's manual calls for ATF+3. Whether ATF+4 covers ATF+3, I couldn't say, so check the label :-).

How long has Plymouth been around?

Plymouth colony Massachusetts was founded in 1620. Plymouth the car brand was formed in 1928. Plymouth England has existed since before the Romans.

Where had the pilgrims emigrated to before Plymouth?


When I replace the fuel filter on my 1995 Plymouth grand voyager do I need to remove the fuse to fuel pump or any special procedures before loosening the hose clamps on each side of the old fiter?

Not if you don't mind spilling about a pint of fuel.

How do you get the sliding door back on track on a 1994 Plymouth Voyager?

I haven't had this happen to me, but it did happen to the previous owner of my '92 Grand Voyager. Chrysler had a warranty recall for this problem, and I'm fairly sure even though the brand Plymouth is now defunct, the warranty will still be honored. I'd call the nearest Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealership first, before you drive down to verify the warranty and to set up an appointment; they'll also probably need your vehicles VIN # to identify your vehicle.

How many years after Jamestown's founding was Plymouth founded?

Jamestown was founded 13 years before Plymouth was founded.

Where did the pilgrims land before the came to Plymouth?


How does intermittent fasting work?

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. Its not about what you eat but when you eat. It is a very popular health and fitness trend. Before applying it to yourself, letโ€™s see what the Dr. Steven Quay has to share. You can checkout his website.

What was the School that Tom Daley went to in Plymouth?

Eggbuckland Community College. He went there before changing to Plymouth College on sponsorship.

Where did the pilgrums come from?

in 1620 the Pilgrums from Plymouth England, Signed the may flower compact before landing in Plymouth Massachusetts

How much is the voyager phone?

The voyager is curently on a special for 99.99 but it wont lasst long then it will go to 150.00 but it is a good price considering before the 99.99 special it was 250.00

Before settling Plymouth the Pilgrims signed the?

The Mayflower compact

What agreement was made before landing at Plymouth?

The Mayflower Compact