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The word "abnormal" in your question should prompt you to seek help from a medical professional. Weekly bleeding is NEVER normal.

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Q: What would cause weekly abnormal bleeding?
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What would cause abnormal vaginal bleeding?

Pregnancy is always a possibility but other causes can be ovulation, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (hormone imbalance), certain medications such as birth control, and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. An intrauterine device can also cause some spotting or occasional bleeding.

What would cause abnormal vaginal bleeding abdominal pain and pain during intercourse?

It could be anything from too rough intercourse, to polyps in the uterus, to improper lubrication, to too large of a penis with tearing, to endometriosis, to an abnormal cervix.See a gynecologist.

What is bleeding during early pregnancy?

That would be implantation bleeding if you are in fact pregnant. This happens when the egg is attaching itself to the uterus. Any abnormal or heavy bleeding should be checked with your doctor.

What would be the cause bleeding after pooping?

You are sickCongratulations, you have you period.

Could continuous bleeding be deadly?

well you have to qualify continuous bleeding - obviously the bleeding would be deadly (cause death) if a lot of blood is lost. However, if continuous bleeding occurs from a small cut, this probably would not cause death. Yet, continuous bleeding from a small cut should not occur - if it did this would indicate haemophilia, or possibly leukemia.

Would a frontal or longitudinal cut to the scalp cause profuse bleeding?

The scalp is highly vascularized, and pretty much any type of a laceration to the scalp would cause profuse bleeding, depending on where and how big it is.

Why would you have bleeding cracks on your tongue?

Iron deficiency anemia is a common cause.

What would cause a kitten to have bleeding from mouth?

A kitten could have a bleeding mouth for many reasons. They could have cut themselves on something or they could have an oral disease that is causing the bleeding. It is best to take them to a vet to determine the cause.

Can use of ibuprofen only 2-3 times per month at 200mg each time cause stomach bleeding?

Ibuprofen shouldn't cause bleeding. Especially after taking such a small amount. I would see your doctor to investigate the cause of the bleeding. Its possibly a ulcer.

What would cause bleeding a week early?

The following will cause early bleeding: * Irregular period * Pregnancy * UTI * Hormonal Imbalance * Stopping birth control * Starting birth control

If you have cervical cancer do you still get your period?

You can. But sometimes patients do not. A classic sign of cervical cancer is uncontrolled/abnormal uterine bleeding. That means the patient would not know if they are having their period or not due to the fact they have constant uterine bleeding.

If your spouse has Testicular cancer can that cause you to have an abnormal pap result?

No. That would have no effect on the pap test.

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