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What would cause you front tires to sort of bump?

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The balance would be the first think. but if ur tires is old or it was flat for a while there will be a little bump on the side that will make its vibrate. do a balance first. if the problem will not be solved then change ur wheels put front on the back and rear in front but dont drive it if the steering wheel will shake. change it back

Check your front tires they might have an uneven lump where the tread is which my cause the steering wheel to be forced one way while driving. Even if there new tires the wires in them separate causing a bump to form which can result to a blow out. Make shure to run your hand over them and don't forget to move the vehicle forward the lump maybe on the bottom.

what cause bump on eye lids

No. Suspension damage, probably, tire damage, probably, but no they don't lose air. If you are losing air you probably have a slow puncture, or worse damaged wheels, or possible damaged beading. The only time a speed bump would cause air loss is on aready incorrectly inflated tires.

this can be caused by over inflated tires,loose whell out od alignment,worn steering parts, worn ball joints. take to a front end specialist and have it checked

lack of oxygen, and if they bump it how they bump it

There are a few different things which could cause wheel shaking and thumps when hitting a big bump. The most likely cause however, is that the struts need to be replaced.

The erratic movement of the steering wheel when you hit an obstruction in the road surface, especially when either of the front tires leaves the ground. Also referred to as bump steer.

This happens when you are going fast and you hit so it's sorta like a speed bump for bikes.

A sinus infection is unlikely to cause a bump on the gums. However, a bump may be caused by an abscess, a burn, or a canker sore.

Worn shocks and struts can cause a bumpy ride. Low tire pressure or worn tires can also contribute to feeling a bumpy road.

1.Tire or wheel out-of-balance or out of round 2.Loose or worn front hub or wheel bearings 3.Worn tie-rod ends 4.Worn lower balljoints 5.Excessive wheel runout 6.Blister or bump on tire Go throught 1-6 and rule it out that way 1 one cause it unbalanced tires or wheels

This could be a bad strut or ball joint. If the noise is constant when you drive this is probably the cause. If the noise only happens when you hit a bigger bump/pothole I would check your motor mounts, this was the cause on my thunderbird.

HPV is not likely to cause a white bump at the tip of your tongue. See your dentist if the bump persists for more than two weeks.

That would depend on what the cause of the bump and the smell are. You need to have your doctor look at it immediately, and get his opinion.

Jostle means to push or bump someone roughly. If I were to put that in a sentence, it would be: He jostled me with his elbows to get to the front of the line.

Hurt as in Headache or Pain as in a bump? The stems on glasses can cause a headache if pressing too tight on top of the ear, if you just rec'd a new pair of rx glasses that can cause it also. Did you bump your head and maybe forget about it, sometimes a small bump matters.

Low profile tires can change how your car responds usually for the better. Speed bumps cause a lot of problems if you go to fast over them the bump will scrape the bottom of your car which could cause some major problems plus avoid going a steep incline. For the most part there are not a whole lot of differences.

This "bump" may be one of several things. The most common bump is inflammation of the gum caused by some kind of trauma like eating sharp foods (potato chips) or it could be impacted food particles. If this bump persists or causes discomfort, it would be best to see your dentist to get his educated opinion on the bump and its cause.

I had a similar problem with my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it turned out to be my front sway bar bushings and front sway bar link. The sound was a large clunk sound when I went over bumps. After I got it fixed there were no problems.

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