What would cause your Mitsubishi 3000gt to die when temphand goes up?


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i have a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000 gt and when the temperature hand starts to go up the car dies what would cause this to happen

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One could expect to pay between $500 and $10,000 for a used mitsubishi 3000gt. The value determined would be based on year and condition of the vehicle.

with parts and labor I would guess somewhere aroun 100 to 150

6G72. Note it as a TT or twin turbo, because there is also a N/A model.

Hi NO. 91-94 are the same then 95-99 are the same Ray

Seriously? More information would get you a better answer. - flat battery - aliens have zapped your car - it's not your car and you have the wrong key - no gas

300zx without a doubt. 3000gt are nice but no competition with the z32

Poor electrical connections due to poor design or construction. Mine went bad soon after I bought mine. First tried soldering a few connections, but this was a temp fix at best. Best bet is to replace with an aftermarket one. They're inexpensive today.

It could just be the AC compressor causing the engine to shake when running at lower speed. If it's any more than that, the engine might need a tuneup, motor mounts or possibly a burned valve.

Thermostat would be my first guess, If not is a fan blown, do a radiator flush?

Check your battery terminals one is either loose or the grounds are bad.... On the firewall.... The clicking is the starter not getting enough power... No Clicking means no power or bad starter..Or you killed the battery(no power).. Google starter problems etc...

Yes sure you can. ___________________________________________________ I wouldn't recommend it, if you are referring to the automatic in an sl, because, with all due respect (I'm a huge Mitsubishi fan), they were quite inferior with an average lifespan of 75,000-100,000 if you're lucky. If that's what you're asking I would DEFINITELY recommend using the getrag manual gearbox that were offered for the 3000gt's.

I've a '92 Mitsubishi 2.5 so I'm not sure would that make a difference but did you try slightly above the accelerator in the fuse box, the fifth fuse basically the top right? ( it's right at the corner) This fuse also does the electric wing mirrors. :) (15a)

Not long. Bout an hour to cand track rod ends and tie rods on both sides. Had t cut one off with a grinder though.

if the timing belt does go on gto it would be a miracle if you didn't bend half of the valves ! its whats called an interference motor. if something gets out of time - you get major interference, costs $$$$$

Low fuelage or The cimbination Of low fuelage and a steep incline.

If it pops when turning it is most likely the CV joints.

Mitsubishi eclipse is famous because of failing transmission. If I were you I would start with checking transmission fluid level. But most likely you will have to change transmission or fix one you have.

Mitsubishi evolution would destroy a type s

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