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bad clutch cable, or not enough oil on the clutch plates.

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Q: What would cause your rm125 dirt bikes clutch not engage?
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What year is Suzuki motor Vin F-108-109847?

I have a 1984 suzuki rm125 that has that same motor in it. Your motor is a 1984 suzuki rm125. i just verified it with suzuki. the f108 also came in the 1985 rm125 bikes but had a higher number.

What Year Suzuki Motor VIN F108-109847?

the f108 motor came in 2 bikes 1984 and 1985 rm125 since your motor number is low yours is a 1984 suzuki rm125

What is an RM?

RM is Suzuki dirt bike model (RM85 RM125) they are the best bikes on the market (varying on the driver) :). hope i helped

Can you fit a 1993 rm125 motor in a 1990 rm125 frame?


Can you fit a 2000 rm125 motor in a 1997 rm125 frame?

yes its is the same engine

How much oil goes in a RM125?

how muck gear oil goes in a 2002 rm125

How do you check timing on rm125?

you cant a rm125 is a 2 stroke check the ignition timing through the flywheel

Old suzuki rm125 VIN number is rm12568533 what year is it?

that vin number decodes a 1978 RM125C.RM125C RM125-61851 to 84328 frameRM125-62013 to 84644engine

How fast does a RM125 go?

about 65 mph

Ignition timing rm125?


What is rm125 frame made of?


What year suzuki rm125 js1rf16c332102327?


Why is there Oil in water on 1997 RM125?

There will be oil in the water on a 1997 RM125 if the head gasket is leaking. It allows oil and water to freely mix across the cylinder head and engine block.

What year is your RM125 th vin is JS1RF14A7S2100029?


How much horsepower does a 1983 RM125 have?

25 hp

What year is Suzuki RM125 vin js1rf16c642102386?


What year is a Suzuki RM125 vin js1rf15c4y2101969?


Will rm125 graphics fit a rm100?

no, but rm85 graphics will

Fuel oil ratio on suzuki rm125?

hay there iv got a 1996 rm125 i dont have a clue what the fuel ratio is could some one please awnser my question cheer XD

Do 1983 cr250 have interchageable parts with a rm125 as in the stator plate?

No it does not.

How fast is a RM125?

stock gearing around 63 mph

What is the fork oil capacity for a Suzuki 1992 RM125?


What is faster a rm125 or kx125?

kx 125 is way faster

What year is your suzuki rm125 vin rf15a 103360?


The year of your Suzuki RM125 vin js1rf15c4x2101789?

1999 SUZUKI RM125 VIN:JS1RF15C4X2101789 World region:Asia Manufactured in:Japan Year:1999 Make:Suzuki Model:RM125 Body style:Moto Cross Drive type:RWD Cylinders:1 Cylinders