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If earth's gravity disappeared, all laws of physics would have been changed and life as we know it would end. Objects would be launched from earth, and in fact the entire earth would fly apart. The atmosphere would be flung into space, and everything else would be flying out behind it. In short, a very quick death for all life forms. Fortunately, universal gravitation is not something that can be turned on and off, so the occurrence is virtually impossible.

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Q: What would happen if earth lost its gravity?
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What would happen to the earth if the sun lost its gravity?

drift thru space

What would happen if the sun lost gravity?

because the planets use the sun's gravitaional pull if it lost it all the planets would spiral out wards and earth would freeze because of no heat.

Can earth gravity be lost?

No. Earth's gravity is a result of its mass.

What would happen if Earth lost its nitrogen?

i dont no but something big will happen

What will happen to somenone that goes to mars and the gravity is 38 percent as strong as the earth gravity?

He will be so pleased to find that he has lost 62% of his weight that he may want to stay there.

What would happen to humans if earth lost its gravity?

Answer The answer to this question is very simple. Gravity is the force that keeps our feet on the ground. Without gravity the human kind would most likely perish. This is because with no gravity there would be no way to stop we the people from floating far into space and way beyond to parts of the universe that have no oxeygen or places that there is nothing to survive off of.

Why gravity is important in your lives?

If the Earth had no gravity all the oxygen would wander off into space and be lost. We wouldn't be able to breathe and we'd all die.

What would happen if the sun lost its gravitational pull?

The earth and all the other planets would be flung out into space.

What would happen to mercury if the sun lost its gravitational pull?

It would drift out into space at a constant speed along the tangent to its orbit when gravity stopped.

What will happen if the earth's magnetic field is lost?

Then the Earth would lose most of its defenses against the Sun's harmful radiation, which would have severe climatic consequences.

Where on Earth gravity found?

Everywhere. It is so ubiquitous and omnipresent that it is never lost.

What will happen to lfe on earth in the absence of photosynthesis?

No oxygen will be on earth. Life will be lost

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