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It is possible that the sand may fuse together into larger conglomerations of sand, or rough glass.

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Q: What would happen if lightning hit sand?
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What would happen if a blind person got hit by lightning?

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What is the rock name for sand hit by lightning?

Sand that has been melted by lightning is called fulgurite.

What would happen if fire hit sand?

the fire will go out.

What happens when lightning hit sand?

Natural glass.

What happen to mike costello in the tangerine novel when he got hit by lighting?

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What would happen if lightning hit water?

It happens all the time. I saw it happen once. Life goes on. The electricity is dissipated shortly after the strike, as it is when it hits land.

Is it more likely to get hit by lightning or attacked by sharks?

hit by lightning happens over 1.000.000 times in two years and shark attacks happen 1.000.00 in two years

What would happen if a meteor got hit by a super flare from the sun and then going through Earth's atmosphere got struck by lightning?

The dinosaurs would come back....and they would be pissed.

Would being hit by lightning by consider a cause of astraphobia?

Yes. Astraphobia, or the fear of thunder and lightning could be the result of being hit, if you survive the hit tho.

What would happen if thunder hit you?

Thunder is sound waves. Sound waves hit us all of the time. If you mean lightning, then you would be toast... literally! thunder is the sonic boom produced by lighting so depending on how close you are to the lightning strike if you're close enough it can lead to temporary deafness or worse.

Does a lightning bolt originate from the ground?

lightning originates from electric particles in the sky that cicrulate around in the thunder cloud, then hit the ground. sometimes, lighting can create a 'statue' in the sand on beaches in the sand because it melts the sand together. Lighting can originate from the ground to a cloud, from a cloud to the ground or cloud to cloud.

Can a jet be hit by lightning?

Yes planes are frequently hit by lightning.

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