What would happen if someone only ate sugar?

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What if someone pees on your butt?

If someone pees on your but nothing would happen. Your butt gets soaked only.

Why would a birthday only come every 4 years?

This would happen only for someone who was born in a leap year, on 29th February.

What would happen if only one party ran for president?

That party would win.I think that they would have to find someone else

What would happen if someone sent a package with only name and city state?

It would probably be destroyed, or returned to sender

Should sugar conduct electricity?

I don't know about what "should" happen, I only know what does happen, which is that sugar does not conduct electricity to any significant degree.

Is there an exploding pizza in space?

Um. . . No. There is not an exploding pizza in space. That would only happen if someone invented one, which wouldn't really happen. Sorry. :)

Can you kill someone with your belly button?

No you cannot. It is a myth. The only way that COULD happen was if you ruptured a hernia in their belly button. A hard jab would hurt but it WOULD NOT KILL someone.

What would happen if someone solved unified theory?

That person would not only win the Nobel Prize in Physics, but would go down in history with the likes of Heisenburg and Feynman.

What is a choc chip cookie taste like when mixed with poop?

Why would you do this! You'll only make someone sick. If you're trying to prank someone, just substitute some of the sugar with salt.

What would happen if you only drank pop?

You would have a very short life span. Pop is very bad for as with all the chemicals and sugar added. You would not be able to live without water for too long.

What would happen if someone was a mermaid?

No one is a mermaid. They are not real and only come from ancient legends from the Celts and Greeks.Yes we know that BUT IF someone was a mermaid then she would become a major celebrity, would be induced into making movies and supporting political candidates.

Are sugar gliders dangerous?

Sugar gliders are not dangerous at all. They can bite, but not on purpose. If they do, it will only hurt like someone poking you with a dull toothpick.

What would happen if only gravity were on the earth?

we would be heavy

What would happen if elctrical plugs only had on prong?

If electrical plugs had only one prong, nothing would happen. Electricity would not complete a circuit. Nothing would work.

If the earth, sun and the moon were the only planets, what would happen?

Every one will die from asteroids.

Do elephants eat sugar cane?

It is only logical to assume that elephants would eat sugarcane as it appears to llike sweet fruits and so it would only reason that it would enjoy a nice snack of sugar.

Why does white bread make you feel tired?

The only conclusion I can draw would be that bread, in general is largely a carbohydrate disc (effectively a spongie sugar wafer) and can influence your blood sugar such that you have a sugar crash. A normal individual shouldn't be getting tired from eating white bread but someone with blood sugar issues may.

What would happen if a man became a god in our modern society?

Well first of all the us would not let that happen but if it did people would raise hello you know that if that did happen and it was someone who was racist the us would only have white people or just blacks see if it were me i would fight for our contry to be free with out really fighting we would just be treaties and cup cakes not really but you know a joke

What happens when you mix yeast and powdered sugar?

Nothing will happen if you mix only yeast and powdered sugar. Yeast needs to be dissolved in warm water to activate. Then it will begin digesting the sugar and producing gas.

What would happen if there was no chloroplast?

We would run out of food and Oxygen. Chloroplasts are the food producers only found in plant cells They are the only thing in nature able to convert energy into sugar. part of the intake is also Carbon dioxide which is broken down releasing Oxygen.

Can you substitute powdered sugar for granulated sugar in buttercream icing?

i would not use granulated sugar while making buttercream icing. i would only use icing sugar. icing sugar usually has cornstarch mixed in with the powdered sugar. even if you added cornstarch to granulated sugar it would still give you a completely different texture than icing would feel very gritty.

If a girl took Viagra what would happen?

Nothing would happen. It only occurs in men because it blocks a specific enzyme that only occurs in men.

What would happen in you only eat 100 calories?

You would starve.

What would happen if you only ate steak?

you would become obese

What would happen if there were only 10 kiwis left?

there would only be 10 left unless they mate