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Q: What would happen if the Europeans never explored the lands?
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What if the world never existed?

Who knows what would happen?

Did Louis joliet and Jacques Marquette claim the Gulf of Mexico for France?

Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette never went as far as the Gulf of Mexico. Robert LaSalle explored the Gulf of Mexico.

How many African Nations managed to resist colonization in 1914?

Ethiopia was the only African country to successfully resist colonizing Europeans. Liberia also maintained independence, but since the country was founded by African-Americans in the early 1800s, Europeans considered it a "civilized" country and never threatened its independence militarily.

Columbian exchange who gained the most?

As a result of Columbus's voyages to the New World, a biological pipeline between America and Europe opened up that had been apart since before humans appeared on earth. The lands had drifted apart that had once be connected. Some species of plants and animals flourished in both areas, and some did not. There were many new animals and plants in the Americas that Europeans had never seen. And, Europeans brought plants and animals to the New World that America had never seen. This includes viruses and other biological organisms. The new animals brought to America upset the ecology of the area. The people living in the Americas did not have resistance to many of the "germs" brought by the Europeans. Biologically, the Indians had not been exposed to measles, smallpox, whooping cough, chicken pox, and influenza. The effect of these diaereses on the Americans was catastrophic. Bacteria and viruses killed more Native Americans than did Spanish swords. The Indians also gave to the Europeans, venereal disease. Medical historians disagree on the origins of syphilis, but it was first identified by physicians in 1493, in Cadiz, Spain, the port which Columbus returned to after his first voyage. The Colombian Exchange was also a cultural exchange. New agricultural developments were traded, economic activity and opportunities opened up between the New and Old Worlds, and new ideas were exchanged.

What countries never been ruled by Europeans or the US?

For sure Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Thailand, Korea, Japan, most of China, Mongolia (even though it was very closely alligned with the Soviet Union for quite some time) and if you don't count the war against Italy as occupation also Eritrea. Oh and apart from being fought against by the Soviet Union, Afghanistan was also never ruled by Europeans or the US until very recently.

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Which continents were left untouched by European explorers?

Europeans have explored every continent. Europeans never truly explored the continents until the First Age of Imperialism, where they mainly explored the Americas. Europeans never explored the interior of Africa because of its dense jungle areas until the Second Age of Imperialism, where they also explored Asia, Australia & Oceania, and even Antarctica.

What lands were not known to Europeans during the time of Columbus?

Columbus and many other countries had discovered and explored many lands. In his search for the Indies Columbus discovered the Bahama Islands, North and South America, and many other lands. Columbus never did find the Indies before his death.

What happen to cro magnon?

They never died out. Modern Europeans are descended from Cro-Magnons.

What happen to Cro-magnon?

They never died out. Modern Europeans are descended from Cro-Magnons.

Who launched the crusades?

Christians or the Roman Catholic Europeans because they wanted the "Holy Lands" back from the Muslims but it never belonged to them in the first place

How many times has Neptune been explored?

It has never been explored by humans and never will.

Which pace craft explored the Challenger Deep?

Challenger deep is in the ocean, it was never explored by spacecraft.

Why can we never prove that a hypothesis true?

A hypothesis can never be proven true because there is always a possibility that it can be disproved. No matter how many times something happens, and how sure you think you are that it will happen again, there are always other possibilities that have not been explored.

Where in north America did Eric the red explore?

He never explored in North America, his son Leif Ericson did. Erik the Red explored Greenland.

If something is unlikely to happen does this mean that it will never happen?

No, it does not mean that it will never happen. Impossible means that it will never happen. unlikely to happen does mean that probably it will not happen..

Did Mary Kingsley have kids?

No.Mary Kingsley never married,she explored for most of her life

Was Jacques Cartier a King?

No he only explored for a route for Asia he never became King!