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the directions, like on a compass, would be flipped as well as the magnetic fields. North would be the current south, and south would be the current north.

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Has the magnetic field of the earth ever flipped?

Has the magnetic field of the earth ever flipped? (i.e) North Pole would be South0?

What would happen to the magnetic field if the direction of the current was reversed?

In that case, the magnetic field would also reverse its direction.

Did earth's magnetic field always run from north pole to the south pole?

No, our magnetic field has flipped several times over the years.CommentIf the questioner is referring to north and south magnetic poles, then, yes, a magnetic field is always allocated a direction from north to south (the direction a compass needle would point within that field).If, on the other hand, the questioner is referring to the locations called Magnetic North and Magnetic South... well, in modern times the magnetic polarity of Magnetic North is a south. But, in the past and, possibly in the future, the magnetic polarities have 'flipped' making the location, Magnetic North, a north pole -but the direction of the magnetic field is always north to south.

What would happen if the direction of the current through a hall probe is reversed?

The idea is that the magnetic field of the device reacts with the external magnetic field. If the current is reversed, the magnetic field would also be reversed, and the reading would be the opposite.

What would happen if the earth didn't have a magnetic field?

If we didn't have the earth's magnetic field, eventually all of the harmful and deadly rays from the sun would destroy life on earth.

Can an electromagnet be made by using an alternating current?

Yes, but it would usually not have much practical use if the magnetic field flipped around all the time.

What would happen if field lines crossed?

Then, at some point, the field would go into two directions simultaneously, which doesn't make much sense. The magnetic field lines form continuous closed loops.The tangent to the field line at a point represent the direction of the net magnetic field B,at that point.The magnetic field lines do not intersect,if they did, the direction of the magnetic field would not be unique at the point of intersection.

What would happen to people if the magnetic field was gone?

all the stuff on our fridge would fall off

Does East become West when the magnetic poles swap and North becomes South?

Answer The answer is no, of course not! It is the magnetic polarity of the earth that is being flipped, not the locations of Magnetic North and Magnetic South. Remember, 'Magnetic North' and 'Magnetic South' are locations, not magnetic poles. So even if their magnetic polarities flip, the names of the locations won't ever change! All that would happen is that the magnetic field would reverse, and your compass would point to Magnetic South instead of Magnetic North.Think of it this way, if the magnetic polarity of the earth flips, you wouldn't swap the names 'Arctic' and 'Antarctic'! So, why would you swap the names 'Magnetic North' and 'Magnetic South'!!!!!

What are magnetic domains and are they everywhere?

They are small areas in a material in which lots of atoms are oriented in the same direction, thus providing a magnetic field. The material's atoms would have to have a magnetic moment. If an external magnetic field is applied to such a material, the magnetic domains have a tendency to align to the magnetic field. And no, they are not "everywhere"; they only happen in certain magnetic materials such as iron.

What happens when you put a magnet next to a compass?

Then the compass would react according to the magnetic field of the magnet.Then the compass would react according to the magnetic field of the magnet.Then the compass would react according to the magnetic field of the magnet.Then the compass would react according to the magnetic field of the magnet.

What would happen if Earth's magnetic field reverse polarity?

We expect Earth would still have a magnetic field during a reversal, but it would be weaker than normal with multiple magnetic poles. Radio communication would deteriorate, navigation by magnetic compass would be difficult and migratory animals might have problems. Many migratory animals use the geomagnetic field to orient themselves. However, even if Earth's magnetic field began a reversal, it would still take several thousand years to complete a reversal.

How did jj Thomas discover the electron?

J. J. Thomson discovered the electron using an experiment involving cathode rays and a magnetic field. When subjected to the magnetic field, the cathode ray was deflected. If the magnetic field was flipped, the cathode ray was deflected in the opposite direction. This proved that a cathode ray was a stream of negatively charged particles that would later be deemed electrons.

What will happen if the magnetic field disappears?

If the magnetic field disappeared, we'll be in danger of gamma rays like solar winds and cosmic rays because magnetic fields shields those things. Without the magnetic field, compasses will no longer work and we would need to find other ways to measure direction to navigate. Also, birds depend on the magnetic field for navigation during migration and would no longer be able to do that.

What would happen if you took a compass to the north pole?

It would still point magnetic north. Magnetic north and geographic north are different. If you had it precisely at magnetic north, it would have trouble pointing, but doing so would be almost impossible because the magnetic field is constantly fluctuating.

What would happen if a pigeon detected a magnetic field?

There are theories around that some birds can actually detect magnetic fields, which they use to navigate on long migrations.

What happens to the magnetic field if the current in the wire increases?

If the current in the wire increases, the magnetic field also increases.

What would happen if Earth's magnetism get reversed?

There would be a temporary weakening of the magnetic field during the reversal. After the reversal the only noticeable difference would be that compasses now point south instead of north. Navigation systems that use the magnetic field would need to be recalibrated.

What could cause Earth's magnetic field to reverse?

The magnetic dynamo (molten iron core) that drives Earth's magnetic field would have to change direction or somehow flip around. This has happened many times in the past, and will happen again at some point.

Where is the direction of a magnetic field?

The same direction as a compass needle would point when placed in the magnetic field.

What is induced by the rapid alternation of a magnetic field?

you would induce voltage therefore chanfing the magnetic field

How does a strong magnetic field affect a magnetic material?

The magnetic field would become a magnetizing field as far as the magnetic material is concerned. If the material is dia magnetic then the electrons magnetic moment would get aligned in such a way as the resultant magnetic field within the material becomes perpendicular to the magnetizing one. In case of para, resultant would become parallel to the external In case of ferro, domains get aligned and so intense magnetic induction results.

What evidence is there on earth having a magnetic field?

To start if we didnt have a magnetic field we would be fried by the suns radiation. The northern lights are evidence that we have a magnetic field surrounding earth.

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