What would happen if you ate only snickers bars?

Due to the proliferation of GMO ingredients in a Snickers bar, alongside large doses of sugar and corn syrup, a person eating only Snickers would

1) cut their life short by decades as their body would deteriorate due to nutrient deficiency,

2) create a leaky gut syndrome as the GMO ingredients would cause an excess of bowel inflamation),

3) manifest diabetes due to the sugar spikes in the organs/ pancreas

4) manifest peanut allergies as it is common that when one main ingredient is eaten continuously, an allergy may create itself, especially if it is a highly modified product, such as peanut, and when eating this product there are challenging or stressful emotional situations occurring in your life

5) manifest milk allergies as these are common when eating cow milk products fed on GMO grain or coming from non-organic sources or eaten/ drank alongside many stressful or challenging emotional situations.

Eventually, the fiber content in ones body would become very depleted. One's gut would sequester the Snickers and one's body would grow excessively in weight until a person would die from this weight, lest it were exercised continuously off. Fresh Greens are a necessary staple in one's diet to move the food through our colon and intestines.

Diverticulitis would possibly also occur in one's body along with hypertension an inability to think properly, and ADHD.