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If you got your own spiritomb in platinum, Cynthia would still have her spiritomb.

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Pokémon Platinum happened in 2008.

Operation Platinum Fox happened on 1941-09-21.

The platinum acts as catalyst and causes the hydrogen peroxide to decompose into water and oxygen.

You don't. You can get it in an event but it ddn't happen yet.

You can! You have to go to the trophy garden and talk to the owner every day you can and see what he says. it is VERY RARE for that to happen but it might happen one time.

In sept 28th- nov 8th, shaymin will appear platinum...i believe arecus will appear before 2010.

I dont know what happen in diamond, but in platinum you can catch ! and ? unowns.

I've seen it happen and it's usually around 40-50

Then you can play all contests levels and you are TOP contest trainer

No, unless you happen to be using a third-party hacking product that happens to cause that to happen.

no you can't unless your trade. i happen to have one would you like to trade with me maybe? email me at if you do.

if you finished the sinnoh pokedex and a story will happen then you'll get the national pokedex and oaks letter! i hope this helped you!!! :D

Nothing special, but if you migrate them over to Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, when they are at the same level, you can get Regigigas.

U can't. Bad eggs only happen when U hack in Diamond and Pearl or platinum

if its the one where it is like safari and there are two of you just run and if your using ar take it out and it wont happen

you have to beat the elite four who happen to be aaron-bug type,bertha-ground type,flint-fire type, and luciian-psychic type.then go in and destroy Cynthia

Where all the other Unknowns are. You have to wander about till you happen to find one. I would check between P&R first. ;)

Nothing because it docent exist not really at least. Oxygen and platinum hate each other more than autobots and decepticons. That is one of the reasons platinum is so valuable. If you happen to make a tiny amount of PtO or PtOO it will shed its oxygen for sure if you heat it just a little and might shed it even if you don't. You can make compounds with platinum and oxygen but they always have something else in them like a chlorine to help the oxygen stay.

once you get so far in the game, an event similar to the ones in Pokemon Pearl and Diamond will happen, only with giratina and the Reverse world

rite this is meggies bro and i ave done all this stuffff. i do happen to own a platinum version and u have to listen to tha man in eterna and go under ground and do his missions or u can cheat it with action replay by adding the code. You have to obtain the explorer kit from the man in eterna and go underground to dig up a skull fossil. I do have on in my platinum version I also have a shieldon

I believe that's the one who's in Pastoria City. First you have to beat Crasher Wake before you can do anything that with grunt. Afterwards I believe something will happen in the Great Marsh and you'll go near the entrance building and then the grunt will come out and start running away so you have to follow him until he battles you. After he battles you, he'll leave and then if I recall correctly Cynthia will come by either there or if you go up a little bit.

Leafgreen is probably corrupted or damaged somehow you will have to get a new one. I doubt platinum is damaged because its a very new game.

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