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You would be confined to the interior of the spacecraft. If you were to step out onto the lunar surface without a spacesuit you would die from exposure to the vacuum.

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Q: What would happen if you went on the moon with out a space suit?
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What is the weight of a space suit on the Moon if the space suit weighs 178.2 pounds on earth?

On the Moon, the space suit would weigh 30.29 pounds.

If you don't have a space suit on the moon what will happen?

You will have to stay in your vessel.

What would happen if you didn't wear a space suit in outer space and why?

you would not be able to breathe

What supplies are needed for a trip to the moon?

A trip to the moon would require a space suit, space craft, food, water and oxygen.

What to use to get to the moon?

a Space Shuttle and a Space Suit

What would happen to an astronaut on Mars without a space suit?

He/she would suffocate and/or freeze.

What sun protection would you need on the moon?

If you were on the side of the moon facing the sun you would need a space suit with the sun visor down over the face plate. On the dark side of the moon you would still need the space suit but you would need to retract the visor or you would not be able to see anything.

what would happen someone travel do on a person without a space suit?

It is possible to travel into space without a space suit, but if the capsule lost pressure, the astronauts blood would boil and they would be dead in about a minute.

What would happen to you if you jumped off of a cliff on the moon?

You would fall. The gravity on the Moon is only about one-sixth the gravity on the Earth, so if you jumped from a 30 foot cliff, it would only feel like a 5 foot fall. The problem is that you might tumble, and crack the faceplate on your space suit helmet, which would let the air out of your space suit and you would be killed - not from the fall, but from the depressurization.If you jumped off a 300 foot cliff on the Moon, it would feel like a 50-foot fall, which would probably be fatal, even if you didn't break your space suit.

Can you cry on the moon?

Yes you physically can cry on the moon unless you mean without a space suit. But then you would be dead.

Would you be able to breath normally on the moon?

Not out in the open unless you wear a space suit. There's no atmosphere on the moon.

Is you went to the moon would you bring our winter cloths or summer cloths?

You will wear your space suit, as there are no seasons on the moon.

What will happen to a person without a space suit on Uranus?

You would practically freeze.

What would happen if ba space man wasn't weaering a space suit?

if astronaughts didnt wear a space suit due to the low oxygen they wouold die as the suit prevents that from happening.the suits got many fabrics in it that a durable that means it wont tear . on the moon it is too cold and so the suit insulates you because the fabric reflects the sun to create warmth.

What will happen to a person with out a space suit in space?

You will die.

What they wear at the moon festival?

space suit

What to wear on the moon?

A pressurized space suit.

What would happen if you were in space and your space suit ripped?

You would ultimately suffocate due to lack of oxygen, and die a terrible death.

Would you be able to suck juice with a drinking straw on the moon?

Not outside your space suit you wouldn't.

Why is life on the moon impossible without a space suit?

Life on the moon is not possible with out a space suit because there is no oxygen for humans to breath. Also with out a space suit the pressure in space would or could make a body explode.

What would happen if you didn't were a space suit?

Space is a vacuum. All of your insides would get sucked out of every hole in your body. Every hole.

How can you survive 5 days on the moon?

Without Oxogen, No. You would need a special suit, the pressure in space would kill you. You would need to stay in the space ship.

Why a space suit has to be worn on the moon?

because there is no oxygen out there

Who is the man enter the moon?

Nobody has ever been to the moon if that what you mean. But i suppose if you did you would have to wear a space suit or you would most likely die, unless you were saved by the moon people that is! ;)

How much would you weigh on the moon if you weighed seventy pounds?

If you weigh 70 pounds on earth, then you would weigh about 11.7 pounds on the moon,(without your space suit).