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The North would have won the war in a year or two.

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Q: What would have happend if us never fought for south Vietnam?
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Who fought on your side in the Vietnam war?

South Vietnam

Where did the Vietnam fight at?

The "Air War" was fought over North Vietnam. The "Ground War" was fought in South Vietnam.

Where were a majority of Vietnam War battles fought?

In South Vietnam.

Where did the Vietnam war happen?

The Air War was fought over North Vietnam; the Ground War was fought in South Vietnam.

What groups fought in the Vietnam civil war?

Vietnam has never had a civil war. The closest you could get would be the Vietnam War, which was fought between the separate although related countries of North and South Vietnam (along with the allies of each side).

What happend to the President of South Vietnam in 1963?

Diem was assassinated.

What were the nations that fought in the Vietnam war?

North and South Vietnam and America

Where was the Vietnam war fought in south east Asia?

North and South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

What countries fought the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam fought against South Vietnam, allied with Australia, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and the US. France was involved at the beginning.

Who fought with the US in the Vietnam War?

South Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, France , India, Canada, and Spain also fought

Were did the us fight in Vietnam?

The USAF & USN fought in NORTH Vietnam (in the skies); the US Army & USMC fought on the ground in SOUTH Vietnam.

Was Thailand neutral during the Vietnam war?

Fought with the allies in South Vietnam.

What side did fight in the Vietnam?

The US fought for the South.

Where was the South Korean War most during at that time?

The war was fought in both North & South Korea. This contrasts with Vietnam, in which the ground war was totally fought in South Vietnam; however, the USAF/USN fought the AIR WAR over NORTH Vietnam.

Who fought with America against north Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and South Vietnam.

What did the vietcong's do?

They fought against American and South Vietnam forces.

What would have happend if us never fought in NORTH Vietnam?

The North would have defeated the South in a year or two. The NVA were an extremely determined foe. There has not been another army like them since they rolled over South Vietnam 35 years ago (other than the US military in Operations Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, etc.).

Who fought against the us in the Korea war?

North vietnam,soviet union,and south vietnam.

Vietnam war was fought in what country?

It was fought in South east Asia in the country of Vietnam. Back then it was South and North Vietnam. The war spread into Laos, and Cambodia. American forces were stationed not only in Vietnam but in Japan, Thailand, Guam, Okinawa and the Philippine's.

Whom did the ARVN fight?

The ARVN (Army Republic of South Vietnam) fought the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) and fought the VC (Viet Cong-locals living in South Vietnam).

What was England involvement in the Vietnam war Vietnam?

Great Britain stayed out of it. Australia and New Zealand fought in South Vietnam.

Where was the Vietnam War fought?

Vietnam was a divided country, formerly the French colony of Indochina, on the southeast coast of mainland Asia. It is west of the Philippines across the South China Sea.The air war was fought over the skies of North Vietnam. The ground war was fought in South Vietnam. The US Navy's riverine wars were fought in the rivers & swamps of South Vietnam.There was some action taken in Cambodia and Laos, typically air raids and a few ground sorties.The Vietnam war was fought mostly in Vietnam. Some fighting occured in the nearby countries of Laos and Cambodia. At that time the country was divided into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The U.S. was trying to help South Vietnam. Vietnam is located on the Asian continent somwhat south of China and bordering on the Pacific Ocean.

What were the sides in vietnam?

The Vietnam War was fought in North and South Vietnam. The main belligerents were the South Vietnamese and the United States against the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong.

Who were the two counties that fought the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam against South Vietnam allied with US, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, and South Korea.

Where was the Vietnam war located at?

The Vietnam War was fought in North and South Vietnam. The US government of the day stated repeatedly that it was not fought in Cambodia or Laos which, with the wisdom of hindsight, is a little inaccurate.