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He would've more than likely invaded and the probabilties are i'd now be speaking in German

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Hitler changed the target of the Luftwaffe from Royal Air Force bases to London. This allowed the Royal Air Force to recover from the earlier bombings and decreased the amount of equipment lost in the bombings.

The British Royal Air Force (RAF) was upsetting Hitlers plans by steadfastly fighting back and refusing to be destroyed.

Because they were a threat to his proposed invasion in 1940

The Luftwuffe were defeated at the Battle of Britain.The British Royal Air Force, by the end of the war, had wiped out 90% of Hitler's air force, the Luftwaffe.

when Hitler realized he could not overcome the Royal Air Force. To invade England Hitler would have to have air superiority..................................

The motto of Royal Air Force is '

The Royal Air Force is England's Air Force. It is part of the Royal military just like the Royal Navy.

The Royal Air Force was established in 1916 as the Royal Flying Corps.

The British Royal Air Force has NEVER been named "Pakistan air force" - and Pakistan has never had a Royal Air Force.

The German Air Force's (Luftwaffe) inability to defeat the Royal Air Force (RAF).

RAF would be the abbreviation for the Royal Air Force.

the royal family began when William the Conqueror defeated Harold in a battle.

Hitler needed to gain air superiority over the British Royal Air Force, so he could direct an invasion force across the English Channel - he failed. He cancelled his plan to invade Britain and turned eastwards to attack Russia instead.

The letters R A F, standing for Royal Air Force

RAF would be the abbreviation or acronym of Royal Air Force.

Yes, it's called the Royal Canadian Air Force...

Royal Danish Air Force was created in 1950.

Royal Cambodian Air Force was created in 1953.

Royal Air Force Commandos ended in 1946.

Royal Air Force Commandos was created in 1940.

Royal Air Force of Oman was created in 1959.

Royal Air Force Germany was created in 1959.

Royal Air Force Germany ended in 1993.

Royal Norwegian Air Force was created in 1944.

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