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I'm guessing a incident that is initiating in a book or something, I don't know why are you asking me?

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Q: What would is an initiating incident for a book?
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When does the inciting incident in a plot generally come after?

The initiating incident comes after the exposition and before the rising action.... The exposition is the very beginning part of a story where the main characters and the setting are introduced. So basically it just tells you who the story is about, where it is, and so far what is going on. Then it's time for the initiating incident... The initiating incident is what first happens to start the whole story. For example in Spider Man, the initiating incident is when he gets bit by a spider, cause that's where the whole story begins.... And the exposition is the very beginning when it explains the basics- his name is Peter Parker, he's not very popular in high school but he gets good grades and is especially good at science, he lives with his aunt and uncle, and he has a crush on a girl named Marry Jane.

What is initiating action?

Initiating action would the beginning of taking action or doing something.

What is the initiating event of the book Life as you knew it?

The initiating event in Susan Beth Pfeffer's Life as We Knew It is an asteroid crashing into the moon, knocking it out of orbit and affecting the earth in disastrous ways.

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What is the Third Artemis Fowl book?

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What is the difference between initiating event and exposition?

An initiating event is an action or incident that sets a story in motion by creating conflict or change for the characters. Exposition, on the other hand, is the background information or context provided to the audience to help understand the story, including setting, characters, and backstory. The initiating event propels the plot forward, while exposition sets the stage for the story.

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It is the Arctic Incident

Th opal deception is the second book?

No it is the fourth the second book is the arctic incident.

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The book The Ox Bow incident was banned in some places because of the violent message. In the book, a lynching takes place and it is quite graphic.

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