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a meteor would hit earth every five seconds

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Generally speaking, the earth has not had rings like Saturn. However, at one point, when the earth was forming (proto earth), it was thought to have collided with another planet the size of Mars. This collision is thought to have created the earth's moon. In the time after the collision, and until the moon formed, the debris around the earth would have looked like rings if observed from other planets.

If you have any brain damage it would not be a surprise. Earth like all other rocky planets do NOT have rings. Hopefully you know we have one moon. Its name is Luna.

Saturn is big and earth is very smaller than Saturn. Even Saturn has rings and earth dose not have rings.

Because it was not made like that.

Earth's oceans would lose their tides and the debris would form rings around the Earth, just like the outer planets have.

The only four planets that have rings are the gas planets, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn. Terrestrial planets like Mars and Earth do not have rings.

The rings of Saturn looks like a spread out melted milk chocolate circle.The rings of Saturn looks like a spread out melted milk chocolate circle.The rings of Saturn looks like a spread out melted milk chocolate circle.

Like all of the other inner rocky planets (Earth, Venus and Mars), Mercury has no rings.

No. Unless you count all the satellites and space junk that is circling the earth.

Tectonic plates or Van Allen Belts

i would like to orbit Saturn because are the rings on it like are they shinny or are they seethrew

If Eddie is a person on Earth, it would be typical for him to be thinking like a typical person on Earth would be thinking. If he were abducted by aliens and spent a substantial mount in space with them, his thought process could change.

If the axis of the Earth were not tilted with respect to the plane of the ecliptic, then the Earth would have no seasons; every month would be like every other month. It would still be colder at the poles and warmer at the equator, but no seasons.

Well all girls like different types of rings! But they would probably like a ring with a gemstone (maybe their birthstone) ;)

Dear Reader, I would like to know does mammoths still live on Earth today. If so how many are there? I'm a eighth grade and I'm just curious.

it is some kind of gravitational pull like that present on earth but not as powerful

it is dust and rocks/debris orbiting the planet, it is like how the moon orbits earth.

They and their offspring would still live in a garden paradise. Jehovah outlined his purpose for mankind when he told them to Fill the earth and subdue it.

At one point in time, definitely. many of us would think that if the asteroid is going to hit our earth, then it will be the end. Yes it would be the end of us, but our earth may still live on. (like with the dinosaurs).

There wouldn't be an earth if there were no atoms.

No, you need a telescope to see Saturn's rings. Without a telescope, Saturn is just a point of light, like a star.

Most of the really large planets have rings. Most of the small planets do not have a rings. A ring is formed when some debris near the planet cannot form into a moon, therefore it becomes a ring. The Earth and Mars have moons. Jupiter and Saturn have rings and moons. The Earth wasn't big enough, like Jupiter or Saturn to have a ring.

i think earth with no rotation would be like the world with no air cause earth i surrounded by air so that is how i would see the earth wit no rotation

There would be random weather and temperatures everyday. There would be no rotation around the sun, and the Earth would be still. Meaning on one side of the Earth, it would be daylight forever. The same goes for the other side, Night forever. So as you see, we need the seasons.

Seen from Uranus the Earth would always be within 3 degrees or less of the Sun. The Sun would be dimmer than as seen from here, about 360 times dimmer, but still so bright that the Earth would most likely be unnoticed.