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I had the car on a lift and was going to change the O2 sensor. I had the sensor unplugged but not disconnected from the pipe when I discovered the sensor cord was six inches too short. I plugged the old sensor back in and decided to take the part back to the store I bought it from. We got about five miles when the car took a turn south. It would not move any faster then 25 mph like it had a governor in it we put new plugs in it and found out the sensor we had was for the upstream and changed that out. But the car still will only go 25 mph. Would a sensor do that or could it be a clogged Catalytic Converter.

auto zone will read faults and tell you what the problem codes are. I believe a bad catalytic converter would effect it more then just being able to go a speed of 25 mph. Check timing and I am sure you will find your not getting fire to all the spark plugs. This would explain your low top speed.

#2 - I have a 2000 metro 1.3, and i bought it for next to nothing because it had absolutely no power. It turned out to be some wires got frayed/cut from an accident and wasn't getting spark to two of the cylinders. repaired the wires and has been a great car ever since.

2010-11-05 04:59:51
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Q: What would keep a 2000 Chevy Metro from going faster than 25MPH?
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