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Life would be quite boring, now we can let our imagination fly.

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Q: What would life be like today without Apollo?
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What would life be today without rabbits?

There would obviously be more carrots laying around.

What will life be today without farms?

There would be very scarce food. Also, the quality of food would be poor.

Who must be ones first inspiration?

I think a persons inspiration must be his or her family for without them that person will not be in this world today. Without them ones life would be meaningless. Without them that persons life will no be called 'life' at all.

What is the most important events that happend in Artemis's life?

Birth of Apollo (in which Artemis assisted Leto, her mother: Apollo proved to be her ally and equal and few think of Artemis without Apollo)

What would it be like without Franklin Pierce?

Without Pierce, somebody else would have been the 14th US president . Possibly Kansas and Nebraska would be just one state today. Other than that, I think life today would be as it is.

What sens of life?

It's nothing every could kill themself today and tomorrow the life on earth would continue without humans...

How has oil helped us today and in the future?

Without oil there would not have been the industrial revolution. We would still be riding horses. Without oil there would not be enough food to feed the population. Oil is the life blood of modern life.

Are the Amor asteroids the greatest threat to life on Earth?

No, that would be apollo asteroids

What would life be without ukuleles?

life without ukulele would be dissapointing

Does music play a positive neutral or negative role in today's society?

Life without music would be dull and depressing.

Is there is no life no energy?

Without energy, there would be no life.Without energy, there would be no life.Without energy, there would be no life.Without energy, there would be no life.

How would your life be without soap?

Life would stink.