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Quite possibly one of your injectors which are located on top of throttle body..there are two your fuel filter. It may not be the fuel filter. it could be an EGR valve or the passage is clogged up with carbon. To find out, disconnect the vacuum hose from the EGR valve and take it for a drive. I'm sure you will find the problem will clear up. If the passage is all clogged, clear it out the best you can and vacumm up the carbon. If it is not clogged up, the EGR valve is shot and needs replacing. Don't drive too much with it disconnected, the EGR valve can help reduce pinging and when it pings, the timing is retarded and that will reduce fuel mileage. ANS: the first thing to blame would be arcing wires, bad cap/rotor (it would also be hard to start) if not this check the filter, and make sure your can hear your fuel pump with ignition is on "on" position. Then check your EGR -its probably your filter especially if the truck sits alot.

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Q: What would make a 1993 Chevy half ton hesitate on acceleration?
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