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Perhaps you have a pinched nerve. You could seek advice from a chiropractor.

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What causes numbness on the top of your left foot and between your shoulder blades?

There are several reasons for numbness. None of them are something you should ignore. Possible reasons could be: a pinched nerve, a slipped or compressed disc, a response to a virus or toxin, or a reaction to a drug or supplement. You should not try to self-diagnose this issue. Go see your doctor and get the right answer from them.

What causes tingling in forehead?

There are several things that can cause tingling in the forehead. Some of these things include Bell's Palsy, Tics, and Trigeminal Neuralgia.

What else is a rotator cuff injury known as?

known by several names, including pitcher's shoulder, swimmer's shoulder, and tennis shoulder.

What coud it be if you have a feeling of numbness all over a fluttering feeling in your throat and chest and your throat feels tight?

It could be several things....first one that comes to mind in a panic/anxiety attack, especially if you are younger. If you are older (40 +) it also could be signs of a heart attack. I would consult your doctor if this continues.

Have a creased knot inward on your forehead?

A creased, inward knot on the forehead is simply the result of how your skull has formed. The skull is in several pieces when a child is born, and it can achieve various common shapes.

What causes left side tongue numbness and left side of head feeling fuzzy?

There are several things that could cause one sided numbness in the face & head. You should talk to you doctor about it if it doesn't resolve itself. It could be a very mild form of Bell's Palsy (which is usually temporary and goes away on its own), which itself can have many possible causes. Basically, if it doesn't go away, talk to your doctor!

What causes forehead skin infection?

There could be several different reasons you have a forehead skin infection. You could have an infected hair, a cut or scrape could be infected, or you could be allergic to something you are using on your face.

Can you get arthritis in your shoulder?

Yes there are several different forms of arthritisthat ca effect the shoulder. If you suspect that you are suffering from arthritis the wisest thing to do is have it checked out by a professional as there are several forms of arthritis some of which if left untreated can become crippling,

What could cause pain in the left shoulder with numbness of left side of face and left hand?

I get this - pain in the left shoulder and "pins and needles" and tingling down to the mid forearm - several times a day. Sometimes the pain aches so much it's hard to deal with. I'm a PC user at work, and use it for several hours a day (about 6 or 7). I have a feeling that the pain and other symptoms are to do with poor posture at the workstation as I tend to lean on my left elbow. If others out there who are regular PC users have similar problems it may be because of this. I have altered my posture at the PC and the symptons are less recurrent - but no less severe. A VDU assessment by your company's assessor may highlight the problem, so why not give it a go? Sufferer in silence, UK

What can cause numbness and tingling on the inside of ones mouth?

There could be several medical conditions that cause numbness and tingling inside ones mouth. It can be an allergic reaction, a side effect from medicine, or canker sores. A doctor will be able to diagnose the problem.

What does A feeling of soreness several days after exercise indicates?

pelvis disease

How do you spell rotator?

That is the correct spelling of "rotator" (any of several spinning devices, or the human shoulder).

How fast can you start feeling the effects of oral herpes?

Several days to a week.

Bone in your shoulders?

The shoulder is a point in the body where several bones join, but I'm going to assume you're asking for the correct name of specifically the shoulder blade bone that connects most of those bones in the shoulder together. It's called a scapula.

What are some early leukemia symptoms?

There are several early signs that a person may be suffering from leukemia. Symptoms include feeling tired or fatigued, feeling hot and feverish, and feeling pain below the ribs.

What is cause of pain and lump on top of shoulder?

There may be several causes of pain and lump on top of shoulder. It may be due to prolonged poor posture, lifting heavy objects, a fall, or injury.

What are suggested stretches for neck and shoulder pain?

There are several simple neck stretches to relieve neck pain and stress. These exercises include neck stretch, shoulder shrugs, and upper back stretch.

What does a spongy feeling inside head mean?

The spongy feeling inside of the head can have several causes that range from minor to severe. A spongy feeling inside of the head can be upper respiratory infections, or something as severe as a brain bleed.

What sentences has the word shoulder?

Not knowing exactly what you are looking for, the word can have several meanings. Noun: A body part that joins the human neck to the arm, right above the armpit. Such as: - Her dark hair was cut short, but it continued to spill across her shoulder and down her back. Or as a part of an inanimate object: Driving while tired made caused him to drive onto the shoulder, kicking up dust before he brought it back onto the road. As a verb, but also referring to a body part: Feeling responsible for the actions of so many people, he continued to shoulder the weight of the world for months afterward. Hope that helps.

How do measure or observe ductility?

you can measure the ductility by tapping it with a rock several times then feeling for vibration

Why do you get pins and needles in your head?

Pins and needles (numbness) on your head can be related to several conditions and the best thing to do would be to see a doctor. The cause of this varies, but it is a sensory nerve experience.

What muscle attaches to the acromion process?

Several muscles that serve the shoulder, arm and chest attach to the acromion.

Are there any over-the-counter medications for shoulder pain?

There are several over the counter medications you can take for shoulder pain, as long as the pain is not too severe. Depending on your tolerance and your allergies, you can take ibuprofen, tylenol, advil or bayer.

Is smoked ham cheese?

No, "smoked ham," is a pork product, typically the shoulder of a pig that has been immersed in wood smoke for several hours to several days. Typically such hams are cured with salt or sugar.

Why after having a Spinal fusion Xlif and a cyst removed would I have left groin pulling right thigh numbness?

Groin pulling may be due to misalignment of pelvis or muscle tightness of anterior thigh muscles (quadriceps, adductors) Thigh numbness: Front of thigh: Irritation of the L2 or L3 spinal nerve by inflammation in/around nerves. After surgery can linger for several months to indefinitely. Tight quadriceps and/or adductors can also cause numbness. Back of thigh: As above, but L4, L5 or S1 nerve irritation.

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