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What would make the AC stop working on a 96 Pontiac Sunfire?


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2011-07-12 09:11:05
2011-07-12 09:11:05
Headlinecheck the fuse

=More info=

You don't say if the fan works or not. If so, good!

If you get no AC, it could mean that the compressor is

not being activated when you turn on the AC in the cab. This could

be a problem with the switch its self, or a problem with the compressor.

You might also need to have the AC refrigerant checked to be sure it's at

the proper charge.

I'd have a mechanic take a look at it. He/she can probably diagnose the problem in just a few minutes.


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Well, Pontiac didnt make a sunfire in 1994 is it a 95 sunfire or 94 sunbird?

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A lack of water in your cooling system will cause your 2002 Pontiac Sunfire to overheat. A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause it to overheat.

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what is the year of this pontiac sunfire

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Pontiac didn't make the Sunfire until '95. So, either you have the year of your car wrong, or it might be a Sunbird. If you can clarify this for us, we can help you.

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