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They would wear normal clothes otherwise they would be spotted.

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Q: What would pickpockets wear in medieval times?
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Who would wear a medieval crown?

In medieval times, a queen, king, prince, or princess would wear a crown. In current times, an actor playing one of these parts in a medieval re-enactment may wear a medieval styled crown.

What clothes would people wear in castles?

in medieval times they would wear...... clothes

What would a medieval nany wear?

In medieval times, a nanny would wear a uniform. The uniform was much the same as what a maid would wear, a long smock-type garment with a mob hat.

What did the nuns wear during Medieval Times?

Basically, nuns wore what normal nuns would wear today. They would wear the robes you'd see now, but the colour can vary abit lighter during the medieval times.

What kind of fabric did the rich people wear in medieval times?

they would where silk

In Medieval Times why did people wear bells?

People would be forced to wear bells in medieval times because they committed a crime, such as rape. They forced the rapist to wear the bell to warn others when they were in close proximity.

What did medieval weavers wear?

in medieval times a weaver would wear orange hula skirts with bright green elve shoes and rainbow face paints!

What will a boy wear if he was important in the medieval times?

he will wear dishrags

What might an elf wear in Medieval Times?

Elves didn't exist in medieval times - but people would have imagined them to wear woollen or linen smocks or cloaks - since that is what poor country folk in general wore.

What did dukes wear in medieval times?


What did a hunter wear in medieval times?


What did a villager wear in Medieval Times?


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