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the fuel pump or the fuel filter

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Why would the pool filter smell like it is burning?

The impeller is either clogged with something, your filter is clogged or your pump motor has a defect. The pump is working very hard so it heats up. You said you vacuumed? My bet is on the clogged filter! Well, the filter, the large tank, would never have aburnt smell. Ya gotta be talkin' about the pump motor. Turn off the motor, get down and sniff towards the back side of the motor being careful not to put your hand on the motor as it may be hot to the touch. If the motor smells like burning wires then the motor may be getting ready to crash. How old is the motor? Did you empty the pump basket after vacuuming? A dirty filter usually will not cause the motor to burn.

How does the arrow on the Fuel filter for 89 Jeep Wrangler face?

i would like to know which direction the arrow on the fuel filter is to be facing towards the motor or fuel tank

Why would your 95 Monte Carlo not get gas to the motor new pump and filter?

Check the fuel pump relay.

What is the sencer located next to the oil filter on a 1986 305 Chevy motor?

That would be the oil sending unit.

Why is your silverado not getting gas from filter to motor?

if you have fuel to the filter but not beyond then obviously something is wrong with the filter. either it is clogged, which case its simply a matter of replacing it, or you have your filter installed in the wrong direction...yes there is a correct flow direction. there should be and arrow which would indicate the low direction. in any event the arrow should point toward the motor.

Why would a 1995 Mercury Cougar not get gas to the motor after the fuel pump filter and egr was replaced?

Fuel pressure regulator.

Where is oil filter on a 2004 Polaris Predator 500?

the oil filter is located behind a plate on the lower right hand side of the motor. It is where you right foot would be if you were on it, it has three bolts.

Why does your transmission jerk in your 2004 dodge neon sxt?

its because your transmission fluid and filter need to be changed. I would do motor oil and filter. and air filter too! coolant. power steeriing fluid. do it all. its not that fast, but if you do, there will be a tremendous difference

What would you do without satellites?

we would have to get info the old fashioned way. by gettin info from other ppl

Can you convert a DC motor to run on AC?

The easiest way would be to convert the AC power to DC by using a rectifier diode and a filter capacitor. In that way you can now run your DC motor on DC.

How did john Cabot get to the northwest passage?

he thought it would be a better chance to gettin to his destination!

What one problem would you have filling up your petrol tank with gas?

gettin the gas in

Where is the oil filter on a Honda ATV 500 rubicon?

sitting on it, it would be under the cover with three bolts on it on the bottom right side of the motor

What would cause a diesel motor to run fine for ten minutes the start to run like it is not getting fuel?

Dirty fuel filter.

Can a plugged air filter cause the ac not to blow?

A plugged cabin air filter could cause poor air circulation coming out of the ac vents but you would still hear the blower motor running.

What happens if oil filter was not changed on a 1994 ford thunder-bird during an oil change?

Nothing terrible will happen but the old oil in the filter will mix with the new. I would recommend you change the oil and oil filter again. This will insure that you will have clean oil throughout the motor.

Does gettin your ear pierced hurt really bad?

No, it doesn't. If it were that bad no body would be getting it done.

How do you connect the hoses for a pump and filter for an above ground pool?

It really depends on the type of filter and pump arrangement you have. Generally, a hose would connect from the skimmer of the pool ( the round box on the pool wall - most pools) to the suction side of the pump (the virtical part with the basket inside)(the one with the motor attached); then, from the outlet or discharge side (usually just above the motor) to the filter inlet. From the filter outlet back to the pool return wall fitting or eyeball. k

What would happen if you poured a good bit of washer fluid in a car motor?

Have someone drain out the oil and replace the filter, now! Do not run the engine! This is not good for the engine!

How would you use a filter?

it depends what type of filter it is

When did Jesus say the world would end?

When Rebecca Black writes Friday 2; Gettin' Down on Saturday.

HOW much d.e should one add to a pool filter?

That would depend on the filter . the best thing to do would be to contact the manufacturer of the filter.

What would happen if you have no oil in a Honda motor?

What happens when your heart stops? The motor would seize, thus no more motor!

What is motor oil capacity in a 1983 ford crown vic 302?

( 5 quarts ) with engine oil filter change ( that would be 4.7 liters using the metric system )

Is there an air conditioner cabin filter on a 2004 Sienna LE and where would it be located?

Yes. It is located behind the glove box in the A/C housing between the blower motor and the evaporator.

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