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What would the monthly insurance rates be for a 21 year old driving a sports car?

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It depends on a lot of things. Driving record, previous tickets/accidents, driving experience, make, model, and year of car, your state of residence, etc.

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What companies provided the cheapest monthly rates for motorcycle insurance in NYC?

GEICO and Allstate provided the cheapest monthly rates for motorcycle insurance in NYC. Read more at or Insurance rates will depend on your age, gender, credit, miles driven and driving record. Try contacting Progressive or Insurance For Less for quotes.

What are some companies with cheap monthly rates for auto insurance?

The General offers cheap monthly auto insurance because it has flexible plans. Liberty Mutual, Farmers, and Safe Auto also offer cheap monthly insurance rates.

Will an exhibition driving ticket increase my insurance rates?

An exhibition driving ticket is likely to increase your insurance rates. You need to call your insurance company and let the know about your ticket.

What would the monthly insurance rates be for a 16 year old driving a 2002 Chevy Camaro?

Its going to cost my daughter $62.00 a month for a 1988 Camaro.

Is it true that insurance companies will charge a higher insurance rate if I purchase a sports car versus a regular vehicle?

Not necessarily. Insurance rates are dependant on your driving record as well as your age, gender and even your credit. Generally speaking, owning an older "family" vehicle will have lower insurance rates.

Does a driving ticket increase insurance rates?


Does freeway insurance have good rates?

Freeway Insurance, like most insurance companies, base their rates upon information about you. Depending on your history through driving and accidents, they adjust their rates.

Write a letter to customer about insurance rates and reckless driving?

You can simply write a cautionary letter regarding reckless driving and sharing that this will increase their insurance rates. You could give examples of how it affects the cost of insurance.

What are the rates for new drivers with Progressive Insurance?

The rates for new drivers with Progressive Insurance depend on the client. If the client is a teenager, its insurance rates are more likely to be higher due to their inexperience driving.

What would the monthly insurance rates be for a 16 year old boy driving a SUV in Houston?

You will need to contact an agent in your area, there are so many coverages, limits etc.

What is the average cost per month for car insurance?

Car insurance costs are affected by several factors, such as driving record, where you live (state regulations as well as neighborhood crime rates), age, and the car itself (sports cars will cost more to insure), however, the national average is $1,837 per year or $153 monthly.

What rates do Ameriprise Auto Insurance offer?

Ameriprise Auto insurance offers several different rates. It really depends on how old you are, your driving record, and if you've taken any driving courses.

Who has the lowest auto insurance rates for a forty year old driver with a clean driving record?

GEICO has the lowest auto insurance rates for a forty year old driver with a clean driving record\

Where can you get Tesco Health insurance?

You can get Tesco Health Insurance from their company's insurance firm. They offer very cheap monthly rates and are very reliable when the time comes.

What factors determine fleet auto insurance rates?

Fleet auto insurance rates vary depending on driving history and the fleet size. You can get a discount if it is large.

How does filing an accident report affect your driving record and insurance if you are not filing an insurance claim?

It goes on your record and your insurance rates get adjusted.

Is it possible to find cheap car insurance Alabama with a poor driving record?

Yes you can still get car insurance however, you will probably have to pay higher insurance rates. Once you start rebuilding a better driving record, you rates should also decrease.

What are the rates for USAA motorcycle insurance?

Insurance rates depend on a number of factors such as driving record, geographical location, and age of driver. Quotes can often be obtained from all major insurance providers.

What auto insurance agencies offer the best rates?

Auto insurance rates highly depend on your driving record. The top three insurance companies in the United States in order are Allstate, State Farm and Prudential Insurance.

If you got a ticket for being a minor in possession of alcohol but were not driving will your insurance rates go up?

No, because you were not driving.

Would rasing the driving age reduced the number of cars accidents and deaths in New Zealand?

insurance rates would be lower insurance rates would be lower

Can I get cheaper car insurance if I take a driving class?

Yes, taking a driving class can lower your insurance rates, especially if the car driver is a teen or a senior citizen. Insurance companies have found that the additional training will lower accident rates in these two categories of drivers.

What are the insurance rates for a 16-year-old driving a Pontiac Firebird?

I am not sure of the exact rates. Since it's a 16 year old, they are considered higher risk drivers and with a sports car, the rates are sure to be a bit higher, for age and type of car.

What insurance agency offers the cheapest motorcycle insurance?

"Geico offers the cheapest insurance rates for motorcycles, depending on your driving record and the type of motorcycle you own. Allstate also offers competitive rates."

If you get a ticket and you are not covered in the insurance of the car you were driving does the insurance go up?

A no insurance ticket becomes part of your overall driving record and can and will be used to determine rates for any insurnce policy you have or want to have.