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Q: What would you add to a search to make sure all results came from an educational website?
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Where can one search online for jobs in Denver?

A good website to search for jobs in Denver is At this website, you can specify the area where you want to find a job and get a long list of results. The Denver Post website has an entire section dedicated to jobs in the area so that would be helpful as well. Other job search sites like will also allow you to specify where you are looking for a job and give you relevant results.

Which job search sites allow you to specify a small location?

The best job search sites would be your local unemployment website. They offer jobs in certain areas so you can narrow your results to the area you need.

Under what conditions would one run a SEO Program on ones computer?

One would want to run a (SEO) program if one wanted to increase visibility on a website in search results. It gives inorganic clicks to a website to increase its popularity.

Why would a business need to have their website submitted to search engines?

A business would want to have their website on sites like google because it helps to bring in customers. When a customer searches online, they tend to click the links on the first couple of pages, so having your business high up in the search results helps a lot.

Why would the results of a question on Answers only include search results?

if their are no direct answers on that particular question on then it will include search results , otherwise answers will pop up. Normally you would get answers related to your query from wikipedia.

What is the website Picsearch used for?

Picsearch is a database of pictures online. When you search for a image, it will pool the results from other websites allowing you to pick the picture or pictures you would like to use.

How can companies ensure that marketing results in high search engine rankings?

In general the companies description of the website would have as many key words as possible for an individual to match when completing a search. Some also allow companies to purchase the top spots on a given search.

How do you do a null search?

You can't, there would be just too many results

Which boolean search would return the most useful results?

Using AND

Where can you buy konpeito online?

you can google konpeito and it will come up with lots of search results. I would paste a link to a website, but it wouldn't work when I tried before. Hope this helps though.

How do you Google search a specific website?

type in the address. Do it like you would search for anything else. Type in the specific website on google.

How do you get more web pages on Google?

Getting more search results would involve expanding your search parameters.