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a nuclear engineer.....

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Q: What would you call someone who works in a nuclear plant?
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What happens when you touch the nuclear plant what will happen to you?

Touching a nuclear plant will have no effect on you. You would have to go deep into the plant and bypass many safety precautions in order to be in any danger.

What would happen if A nuclear Power plant was struck by a loaf of bread?

I would eat it!

What scientists would be needed to build a nuclear power plant?

None. Building a nuclear power station is a job for engineers.

What would happen to a nuclear plant if the fission reaction goes critical or out of control?

There are emergency safety system that could be used to bring the nuclear plant again under control.

Would you feel safe living within 5 miles of a nuclear power plant Why or why not?

No. If there is a disaster in a nuclear plant - and those DO happen now and then - this can affect populations hundreds, or even thousands, of kilometers from the power plant.

How do you make a working model of nuclear power plant?

You would not be able to obtain the fissile material necessary to build a working model of a nuclear power plant. You could build a model, for sure, but it would not be a working model.

Why would you want a scientist working on a nuclear power plant?

Governments want scientists to work on a nuclear power plant to lessen the dependence of fossil fuels. The product of nuclear power plants are atomic energy, a clean energy alternative.

How much does a nuclear power plant cost in US?

It is estimated a new nuclear plant built today in the US would cost $10-12 billion for a 1500-1600 MW plant. Then once you have the plant built, one load of fuel bundles would cost approx. $150 to $200 million.

If a nuclear weapon exploded on a nuclear Power Plant would the explosion radius increase?

No, but there would be more release of radioactivity because the reactor itself would probably be melted in the explosion.

What would happen if an atomic bomb was dropped on a nuclear power plant?

Big boom!!

How should you dispose of an old frying pan?

Take it to a recycling center and ask someone who works there into which container they would prefer you place it.

Are there any job opportunities at the perry nuclear plant?

You would have to contact the owners and operators of the plant. See the link below for details