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The statues, The art from Greece is beautiful.

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Art is your life and life is your art speaker?

for me yes i darw almost 24/7

Could a parallelogram that is not a rectangle darw it?

Here's something to think about: -- Every rectangle is a parallelogram. There are an infinite number of them. -- There are also an infinite number of more parallelograms that are not rectangles.

How do you darw a minim?

A minim is a note with a stem and an uncolored note-head. First draw the note-head on desired position in the staff. If the note-head is on or below the third line of the staff, draw its stem down from left side. Otherwise draw the stem up from the right.

What are the colors of dogs?

well theres many dog colors most will have a tan black or white or darw brown or even gray they can have mixed colors on just one solid color on there fur/pelt depending on what breed of dog it it and did you know dogs are not color blind the just have a very dim eye sight

Is there an app for creating a warrior on Itouch?

I don't think so but u could get a app for drawing and draw ur warrior. (If u don't know how to darw a cat or isn't good at drawing one get on the computer and look u how to draw Lionblaze cause there is theis one good pic of him and there's a video tht comes with it so it's easier!)

How do you dram cobwebs on a cake?

There are two ways to draw cobwebs on a cake... 1). Frost the cake in white icing. Draw thin black circles, about 3 or 4, around each other (like a bulls-eye). Using a toothpick, darw a line from the center circle to the outside, dragging it through the icing. Do this five or six times per set of circles. This will drag the icing, making it look like a cobweb. 2). Draw 5 or 6 criss-crossing lines ( "/" "l" "-" ect.). Using a sweeping motion, connect each line to the one next to it to form a thin strand of icing.

What do ninjas wear?

Lets say I was a ninja back in 15centuary japan...I was raised by a ninja clan called Iga and a master of Ninjutsu(Art if stealth). I'm desguised as a normall farmer to look normall so people won't think I'm dangerous. I would desguise my weapons as farming tools or use farming tools as a weapon. Just In case I'm attacked.1 day Master Hattori Hanzo told me to assassinate an enemy Shogun(war general) called Nobunaga.I would have a decision what to wear. Hmmm.... Let's try black.....nope it makes an an natural moving silhouette at in the dark..... why dont i try dark blue......yap its completly invisible in the dark wat about red.....even better, If I was suddenly seen by a samurai that would strike fear in his heart due to the likeness of blood.I got an Idea since people think we're demons cause they don't have the science to explain how we can do whats impossible in there eyes Im gonna where a demon mask on aswell so when they see me It would strike even more fear in to there heart.I wound need to were pants and long sleves and wrap it with red/blue bandage to create less noise. Then I would tie a belt on my waist so I can tie a bag on my belt containing the right weapon for the right mission. Then I would were tabi boots(Split toed boots) so I can run/walk with less noiseLet's try wearing the sword at the back.hmmmm.... nope takes to long to draw out. If I put the sword by my side I can darw it out faster.Wait why don't I just disguise my self as a Monk or a Musician and disguise my weapon as a musical instrument so I can get in the castle easier....... more: Why_do_ninjas_where_black_masks_and_clothing

What does Jinzo do?

Jinzo is a powerful card. His text reads: Trap Cards cannot be activated. The effects of all face-up Trap Cards are negated.When he is summoned, either by Tribute Summoning or Special Summoning, the instant he is face-up on the field no Traps work or can be activated. No, he doesn't destroy Trap cards, but any face-down Trap cards cannot be flipped to activate their effect. So if you were planning on activating Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute when Jinzo is summoned, it will not be able to activate.If either player has a face-up Trap card, it is negated as well. For example, let's say the oppoent has Solemn Wishes face-up on the field. Whenever they darw a card, they gain 500 LP. Now with Jinzo on the field, when they draw a card, Solemn Wishes will not activate and he/she will not gain 500 LP. An important thing to remember is that Jinzo's Trap-negation applies to both players, so your Traps are inactive and negated too!As a rule of thumb we can say that when Jinzo hits the field, Traps are done for, but in reality there are a few ways to get around Jinzo. If Jinzo is removed from the field (returned to hand, sent to Graveyard, etc.) or flipped face-down, Traps can start working again. If any Trap card like Threatening Roar is activated before Jinzo is summoned, Threatening Roar will still prevent the opposing player from declaring an attack.One other thing to note is that when Jinzo is summoned, certain Counter-Trap cards can stop him. The most notable ones are Solemn Judgement and Forced Back. When a monster gets summoned, those particualar cards will negate the summon of the monster. Think of it like this: if you Tribute Summon Jinzo and your opponent activates Forced Back, Jinzo's Trap-negation effect never gets a chance to take effect and he gets return to your hand.

Where is Greenpeace located?

In greese

Athens is the capital of what country?


What is the capital city of Greese?


Where is greese in Poptropica?

mythology island

What is the currency used in Greese?

The Euro

What is the national sport of greese?


Is soap removing grease a example of chemical or physical changes?

both. it changes the look of the object the greese was on and the soap reacted with the greese to get it off.

Is there going to be a golden doodle webkinz?


Where were the fist Olympics?

Athens greeseAnswerin Greece

Looking for info on greese the country?


Bill Gates favorite movie?


How was direct democracy started?

Athens greese

Was John Travolta straight in greese?

As in gay, no.

What is the capital of European country greese?


What is greese capitol?

The capital of Greece is Athens.

What was Whitney Houston's favorite movie?


What is the Glee television series related to?