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What would you do if an endangered animal is eating an endangered plant?

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There really is nothing you can do except try and separate the animal from the plant.

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Is a cypress an endangered animal?

A cypress would be a type of plant. Most of them are trees. If you wanted to know if a certain kind of cypress was an endangered plant you would have to look up the sepcific species. Wikipedia search cypress for more information.

What are the life cycles of endangered plants and animals?

Each plant or animal has it's very own life cycle. To learn the life cycles of endangered plants and animals, one would have to research each plant or animal individually in order to receive and accurate answer.

If you catch endangered animal that only eats endangered plants what are you going to do and why?

i would avoid the problom by not capturing an endangered animal!

What is an example of an endangered animal?

an example of an endangered animal would be the manatee. they are beautiful and cute and in danger of dying.

What effect does an animal or plant have on the ecosystem if it becomes extinct?

If something else eats a plant or animal that becomes extinct, it might become endangered. But it would most likely just find something else to eat.

What do you call an animal when only a few of its kind are still alive?

Such an animal would be considered endangered, or critically endangered if only a handful remain.

What would you do if you saw the last of an animal species eating the last of a plant species?

Shoot the animal with a pistol in order to save the plant species. Why you might ask? In life, sometimes sacrifices have to be made. In order to save the last plant species, the last animal species had to be sacrificed.

Are plankton eating fish carnivores?

Plankton is composed of tiny plants and animals so those fish would be omnivores - eating both plant and animal matter.

Can you eat a tortoise?

any animal can be eaten if you have the means to get it and cook it. whether or not eating the animal would be legal is another question as some species are endangered. it also depends on the country your in. in some countries its possible to buy endangered sea turtles and other wildlife. not saying its legal, but it is possible.

Endangered animals shouldn't be killed and why?

If an animal is endangered, it means that there are very few of them left and there is a risk of all of that type of animal dying. Killing an endangered animal would further deplete the number of these animals, pushing them closer to extinction.

An animal that lives in another plant or animal and eats that plant or animal without killing it?

That would be a symbiotic parasite.

What animal would kill a dingo?

A larger flesh eating animal

What is the most popular endangered animal?

I would have to guess Giant Panda.

What word means just a few of an animal are alive?

This would be "endangered".

Is a sea anemone a plant or a animal?

Correct answer would be a animal!

If a peta person was swallowed whole by an endangered animal would they want to die in its stomach or would they want the animal to be killed so they could be saved?

There is no endangered animal in question large enough to swallow someone whole completely unharmed. The person would indeed be dead in the animals stomach or mutilated. And if an animal indeed is killing humans it will be killed anyway, endangered or not. Yay for dumb questions.

What would a animal be like if it had choroplast?

it would be a plant

Which organelle would you find in plant cells but not in animal cells?

Plant cells have chloroplasts and animal cells do not.

What would you call an animal or a plant that stays in one place its whole life?

immobile animal/plant

What animal that lives in another plant or animal an eats that plant or animals without killing it?

This would be a parasite.

What animal would you be eating if you were enjoying venison?


What are some ways fires can be good for the plant and animal life?

it isn't good, it would destroy the plant/animal.

What organelles would you find in a plant and not a animal?

A plant cell has chloroplasts and a cell wall, which an animal cell doesn't have.

Would you find mitochondria in a plant cell or animal cell?

You can find mitochondria in most plant and animal cells.

What are the benefits of animals eating plants?

Animals take the energy made by the plants in photosynthesis and use that energy to survive. If animal is a herbivore, it eats these plants and then the energy is built up in them from consumption. The next animal in the food chain then eats that animal and gains less energy from the animal than it would from consuming that plant. If we ate beef all the time, we would be feeding off the energy that was given to the cow by eating the grass and other plants. If we ate the same amount of plant matter as the meat, then we would gain more energy.Hope this helps :]