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you should 1st find out why he wants to and if he does burn the dress

CORRECT ANSWER: That is of course silly. He should be wearing a bra and panties at least and maybe a half slip and stockings. If he is going to wear a dress then he needs panties for sure and not boxer shorts but soft silky nylon bikini panties and I would suggest a garter belt and stockings since most Chinese silk dresses have a slit up the side and that is such a sexy look. I hope he wears makeup and has long hair. My husband loves me to wear my Chinese dress with a garter belt and stockings and full cut French panties with lots of lace around the leg openings so you can see the lace at the top of the slit in the side of the dress. I sometimes make him wear the same thing (he has a larger set just like me and he is sexy in it).

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