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Bubbling of O2 being released

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Q: What would you expect to see if platinum were added to hydrogen peroxide solution?
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Which chemical elements would you expect to find in abundance in a living cell?

carbon, oxygen, hydrogen

Would you expect hydrogen chloride to be soluble or not soluble in water?

Yes. When hydrogen chloride dissolves in water, it becomes hydrochloric acid, a common laboratory solution. Even if you didn't have experience working with hydrochloric acid solutions, you could predict its solubility from its polarity. HCl is a polar substance, so it will probably mix with water, which is also polar. The acidity of HCl also increases its solubility.

Phenolphthalein solution is used as an indicator of acids and bases. If added to an ammonia-based solution of window cleaner we would expect the solution to turn?

As ammonia solution is alkaline, about pH 11 - 12, the phenolphthalein will turn pink.

What is the average cost for platinum diamond rings?

The cost for platinum diamond rings is extremely variable depending on the design, size, location of purchase, and more. One should expect to pay at least $1000 for one of these rings.

How do you tell acid from a base?

There are a number of ways to tell an acid from a base. By definition, any solution with a pH lower than 7 is an acid, and if the pH is higher than 7 it is a base (if it is precisely 7 it is neutral and probably pure water). pH measures the level of hydrogen ions in a solution, but not in the way you might expect; a lower pH number means a higher amount of hydrogen ions and a lower amount of hydroxide ions, whereas a higher pH means less hydrogen ions and more hydroxide ions. You will observe that acids have hydrogen in their molecular formula; hydrochloric acid is HCl, sulfuric acid is H2SO4, and so forth, there is always an H. Bases have hydroxide, which is OH, in their molecular formula, so sodium hydroxide is NaOH. I realize that this could be confusing because hydroxide also contains hydrogen, so if you only look at the hydrogen, both acids and bases have it. But in a base, the hydrogen is connected to an oxygen, in the form of a hydroxide radical.

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If the pH of a solution is 6 would you expect to find more or fewer hydrogen ions than a solution with a pH of 3?

A lower pH means more hydronium; each decrease by 1 means the concentration is increased tenfold. You would expect to find fewer hydrogen ions in the pH 6 solution (1000 times fewer ions).

If the pH of a solution is 6 would you expect to find more or fewer hydrogen ions than in a solution with a pH of 3?

which group in the periodic table contains the most metals penis

What price would you expect to pay for contact lens solution?

The price you could expect to pay for contact lens solution can vary on where it is purchased. Contact lens solution can cost anywhere from around $6 to around $15.

What product would you expect to see when a balloon of hydrogen is burnt?

Water vapor.

If you have baking soda and dissolve it into water to make a basic solution what features would you expect the solution to have?

hydroxide ions

Would you expect the pH of an solution of soap to be 4 or 9?


Would you expect a concetrated solution of sugar in water to boil at 100?

The solute in a solution modify the boiling point of water.

What changes do you expect to see when the cells are exposed to the solution?

trying to figure this out 2!!

Can you bleach age spots on hands with peroxide?

Not with the stuff from the drug store..its only 3%. You need to buy peroxide from the beauty store that is normally 12%. After you have applied the hydrogen peroxide to your age spots, you may feel a slight burning sensation for up to 10 minutes. This is normal and no cause for concern. Spots may appear white for up to four hours. After the white begins to fade, the spots may become pink or red for a few days. After several days, expect the spot to scab over for a few more days and then it should fall off on its own. Do not pick these scabs off prematurely or you will not see the full effect. You can buy skin lightening creams instead of peroxide that work just as well.

Which chemical elements would you expect to find in abundance in a living cell?

carbon, oxygen, hydrogen

How many hydrogen atoms would you expect to bind with an atom with 4 valence electrons?


How much should someone expect to pay for a cheap VPS hosting solution?

Someone looking for a cheap VPS hosting solution should expect the prices to vary. Depending what company someone chooses to purchase their VPS hosting solution from, prices range from $15 a month to up to $50.