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Q: What would you have in the cage of a bearded dragon?
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Would a bearded dragon fight with a uromastyx if they were kept together?

A bearded dragon will fight with any other reptile if u put it in its cage, and yes even another bearded dragon. They must be housed alone.

Why is your bearded dragon scratching at his cage?

He wants to get laid

Can a bearded dragon's cage be too big?

No bearded dragons need lots of room

Can a water dragon and a bearded dragon live in the same cage?

No the bearded dragon is from a the hot dry desert and the will get a respiratory infection from too much moisture. The water dragon will die in a bearded dragon's environment.

How can to many crickets hurt a bearded dragon?

any amount of crickets can hurt a bearded dragon if they are left in the cage. when the beardie is done eating, take all the crickets out of the cage.

Why would a bearded dragon not want to be in the cage at night?

because it is a nocturnol animal so it would like to hunt its prey

When should a bearded dragon get sand for their cage?

so it feels at home

Can a Bearded Dragon live in the same cage as a Frilled Dragon?

No! They would never co-habit in the wild so why force them into living together in captivity !

What should you put on the bottom of a bearded dragon cage?

my bearded dragon has coconut shreddings and he absolutely LOVES IT.they wont eat the coconut shreddings,though.

Who would win in a fight vield camilon or bearded dragon?

A bearded dragon would deffinatly win. My bearded dragon got in a fight against my cat and won.

Can you put a bearded dragon and a striped gecko in same cage?

No, absolutely not. They are different species!!! The dragon will eat the gecko.

How many times do you need to take out a bearded dragon out of the cage?

only need, being, cleaning and care of habitat/ cage. Otherwise , naturally bearded dragons never leave their homes/habitat/cage.

Can a bearded dragon and a rabbit be in the same cage?

NO, abosuitly not!. The bearded dragon has to go in a tank, with a heat lamp, and is fed a different type of food. The rabbit will injure it by steping on it.

Why does bearded dragon sit a lot at front of cage?

Type your answer here... because it is tired

Who would win chameleon vs bearded dragon?

bearded dragon

Can you feed bearded dragon chocolate?

Absolutely NOT ! Since WHEN would a Bearded Dragon encounter chocolate in the wild !

Your bearded dragon is lying flat in the corner of cage is it ill?

No it is just trying to keep warm

What can you house with a bearded dragon?

I can't tell you everything that can be housed with a bearded dragon, but in the local pet store the owner does a boarding service, the other week I saw a tortoise and a bearded dragon in the same cage from the same owner, they live together in a vivarium and get on well.

Why does your bearded dragon open his mouth when you put your hand in his cage?

i think its just your lizard cause I've had 10 bearded dragons and none did that

Should you get a girl bearded dragon or a boy?

If you want a smaller, less aggressive bearded dragon I would suggest the female but if you are looking for a more energetic, feisty bearded dragon I would go for the larger, stronger boy dragon.

Would a bearded dragon kill someone?

no :)

Can you put a bearded dragon with a tokay gecko?

Tokay would rip the life out of ur bearded dragon buddy

How do you make your bearded dragon sick?

What a ridiculous question ! Why on EARTH would you want to MAKE your Bearded dragon sick !

Is a cave good for a bearded dragon and is a water fall good or not in the cage?

You certainly don't need the waterfall - Bearded dragons are desert creatures - they don't need high humidity, which is what the waterfall would create !

How can you find crickets for your bearded dragon?

at a pet store, you buy a box of them and release them into the lizards cage/tank.