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You would need to get legally emancipated by the courts. This is easier if you have parental permission. If you don't, you could still try contacting a local attorney. If there is physical abuse contact the police immediately.

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Q: What would you have to do to get emancipated so you can live with a family that is not related to you?
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Where can I live once I'm emancipated?

Once a person is emancipated they can live in their own apartment or home. The emancipated can also live with a sibling or other family member if they choose.

How do I legally get out of my parents house and live with a friend's family?

You either have parental consent to move, is emancipated by the court (if your state have that option), emancipated through marriage or is emancipated by turning 18.

Could a 16 year live with another family without parental consent in Michigan?

Not unless you get emancipated,

Where would you go to get Emancipated and can you do things on your own even though you are not 18?

To get emancipated you would have to go to the courts and prove you can live on your own. Then you will have to do things on your own because your parents would not be legally responsible for you anymore.

Can you get emancipated if you live in Kansas?

yes you can get emancipated in kansas

Can you move in with another family friend once you've been emancipated instead of living on your own?

If you are legally emancipated by marriage or a court order, you can live with whomever you want. You are now considered to be an adult.

How can you become emancipated if you are 16-years-old and live in Montana?

Talk to an attorney that specializes in child custody and family law.

If you are 17 and you have a child can you live by yourself or with the child's father?

It is possible in some states but you would generally need to be legally emancipated since you are currently a minor. Contact a family lawyer in your state for more information.

If i apply for wic does that mean I am emancipated?

No, you are medically emancipated, but you are not emancipated legally to make your own choices and live where you please.

Can your parents keep you out of state if your 17 against your will and not let you back to Texas where you and your family lives?

Unless you are legally emancipated, you're parents have control over where you go to school, what state you live in, etc. If you are 17, it is most likely that you aren't emancipated yet, and your parents have complete power over where you live. You could take this issue to court and do what you can to be legally emancipated before the age of 18, and you'd be able to live wherever you wanted to.

If you get emancipated can you live with a friend but pay rent?

If you are emancipated you can live anywhere you want. And, yes, you will be expected to pay rent! One of the most common rules to become emancipated is that you show you can support yourself.

Can a 16-year-old girl get emancipated and live with her 22-year-old boyfriend if she has parental permission in Oklahoma?

At 16, you need parental permission anyways just to be emancipated. But with parental permission, I think she can live with her boyfriend. The only problem would be that she's a minor and he's not, but I think she is much less a minor when emancipated.

What are the rights of a minor that is abandon?

To get a legal guardian, a family to live with and to be supported by his parents. Being abandoned does not mean you are on your own or emancipated or that a judge will emancipate you.

What is difference between family and household?

family are the people you are related to, the household is who you live with

When you get emancipated do you have to live on your own?

That is the purpose of getting emancipated. You are responsible for your own housing arrangements.

I live in Ga i am 17 years old can i move out of my parents home legally?

you would need to be emancipated...why would you want to move out?

Im 17 i live in Massachusetts and im in thedepartment of social services can i be emancipated?

im 17 i live in Massachusetts can i be emancipated if im in dss

Can you live with a 24 year old that's not family if you get emancipated?

Living with someone who is 24 doesn't make you emancipated. To become emancipated you need to hire a lawyer ( a cheap one runs 90.00 an hour) and file the paper work with the court ( there will be filing fees and court fees). The court makes the decision concerning your emancipation.

Can you get emancipated if your parents mistreated you even though you're still in homeschool in California?

If there is abuse or neglect involved, you should contact your local Social Services office or the police. You can become emancipated with a court order; if you do not become emancipated because of the abuse/neglect you will be ordered to live with another family member or someone else appointed by the court.

If you want to get emancipated but both parents will dissagree is having a dad who is an alcoholic has anger problems and depression and being emotionally abused by both parents a good enough reason?

Talk to Family Services or Social Services, whichever it is called in your state. They can determine your situation. Unless you reach the age of majority, you would not be emancipated, but come under the supervision of Family Services, likely in a foster home. To be totally emancipated, you would need to prove to a judge with evidence that you have been abused, and that you are mature enough to live on your own. Emancipation is highly unlikely - but being removed from your parents by the courts is possible. I feel sad about your situation and I am praying for you.

I dont live wit any biological parents i live with my aunt and uncle and in order to live with a different aunt would i need to be emancipated?

you will be emaciated b4 your freedom comes

Can a 16 year old get emancipated and live with another family over 21 years old if the 16 year old does not have a job?

The criteria to get emancipated means being able to provide for yourself, pay your own bills etc. You can't do that without a income.

Is it legal for a 16-year-old to live with a friend in Florida without their parents' permission?

She would need to become emancipated in order to live on her own at that age.

Is the definition of family and household the same?

No. Your family are the people you're related to. The household is the house that you live in.

What do you call a person that you live with?

If you are unrelated then, your roommate. If you are related then your family/immediate family. Hope this helped :)