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Q: What would you need to know about being an author?
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What kind of training would you need for being an author and Illastraitor?

Well... to be an Illustrator first you need to know how to draw. To be an author try learning to spell.

What is everything you need to know about being a pediatrician?

i would like to know what are the best schools for being a pediatrician.

Which words best indicate which side the author is on-?

In order to know what words would indicate the side an author is on one needs more information. One would need to know the author and the story.

What information would an author need to cite in order to avoid plagiarism?

If you are quoting from another author, you need to credit the actual author, to avoid being guilty of plagiarism.

What has the author Kim Serafin written?

Kim Serafin has written: 'Everything You Need to Know About Being a Vegetarian'

What do I have to know about post weigh loss surgery?

You would need to know the guidelines of this surgery. You would need to know what this diet recommends that you eat. You would also need to know exactly what you need to do.

Example of all the stages of the training cycle?

People will need to know what the training is for to know what the stages of the cycle would be. Without knowing what is being trained for it is hard to know what the stages would be.

What is the URL for before you forget?

To know what the URL is a person will need to know what the URL is for. Including information on what exactly is being referred to would be helpful.

What is the length of boundary?

To answer this question I would need more details. Being that this is classified under plate tectonics I would need to know if you are talking about divergent, convergent or transform boundaries.

Where can I go to culinary school ?

I would go the French Insitutue. They teach you everything you need to know about being a chef.

How do you know which clan your in?

Clans are often used in various online games. In order to know which clan you belong to, one would need to know what game is being referenced.

What is being done to save the axolotl?

i dont know but i need to know!

What does the reader of your paper really need to know about the author?

We don’t know your paper.

Do the witnesses need to know what they are signing?

Yes, they need to know what is being signed. There is no requirement that they read the document. All they need to know is that the testator says it is their will.

Does Adam young drink?

No I don't believe he does being a strong catholic and all. You would need to be a close friend to know

What is the most similar chemical property of gandium?

We would need to know the element to which gandium is being compared to respond to this question.

What would be the manipulated variable in a tomato plant experiment?

You need to describe the experiment; how else can anyone know what is being manipulated?

How you would go about organizing your typical day in university being an administrative officer?

To answer this question we need to know what role you are asking about.

When do you need to know if a solution is acidic or basic?

You need to know whether a solution is acidic or base depending on when you are using it. For example, you need to know when you are performing an experiment, and that would be the variable. Another time that you would need to know would be when you are actually drinking it. :-)

How old was Megan Mcdonald when she became an author?

I need to know

Do you need a high school diploma to become an author?

No, but you do need to know how to write correctly.

What do you need to know about topograhic maps to understand them?

you would need to know all the signs.

How is the unit being used to hold two metals plates tightly together?

We would need to know what unit you mean to be able to answer.

How long do cigarettes test positive in urine test?

why would you need to know that unless you are being tested by your parents don't be dumb

How long does it take Adderall to kick in?

How it's being administered is something I would need to know in order to fully answer the question correctly.