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my ideal house would be a colonial with a center hall staircase that branched out in both directions near the top, with a balcony type sitting area . there would be four bedrooms on the second floor with four full baths an office type room next to the master bedroom which would be around 20ft. x 20 ft.with a bathroom dressing room and 2 walkin closets sort of like a separate wing. the bedroom would open to a small balconyfor reading the morning paper weather permitting. the bath would have a separate garden tub and steam shower with 3 or 4 shower heads. the other bedrooms would be 18x15ft. 15x15 and15x15 each with its own bath the third floor also called the attic would be finished in 2 sections one a hangout for the kids with tv-- music center-- and refrig. for sodas. the other dide would be the game room with pool table train set and foos ball and air hockey along with 2 game tables the size of card tables for Board Games. back to the first it would have a gourmet kitchen with a breakfast and dinner table and 3 sets of french doors going out to the grounds. the dining room would be 16x25 with a chandilier and wall sconces to match . the center hall would be 14x25 and have a small built in service bar. off the center hall would find a library/den with fireplace and 1 window looking out to the pool and 1 looking out to veranda, between the hall and veranda would be the living room again the same size as the dining room16x25 it would have a piano in one corner of the room 2 couchs and 5 very large sitting chairs with oversized ottomans. out the living rooms side would be 2 sets of french doors leading to the veranda which is 4 season with interchangable covers for summer and winter. the veranda would be in a semi circle room and the ordinary living room for the family with big screen tv and sound system for all electronics. the front door would open to a slate porch under a roof of tarred roofing materials with a balustrade all around it off the dining room will be an open porch with a roof which serves as the decking for the balcony off the master bath . off the kitchen door is a small parking area that leads to the 4 car garage with 2 bedroom apartment above it to be used by guests. the driveway will come up from the street and branch off 1 lane to the garages and back door and the other to a circular drive by the front door , off the kitchen is a small 1/2 bath as well as 1 off the den the grounds totalling 2 1/2 acres is fully landscaped and sprinklered an English garden is the furthest back with gravel paths leadin down 4 steps to formal gardens and Japanese maple trees about 200x 20 odd feet next to the garden shed is the vegetable garden which passes many an hour on the weekends we are in town moving back now toward the house is the 25x50 heated swimming pool with grecian style cabana fully furnished with shower dressing room tv and fridge. coming closer between the pool and the house is a large patio with low brick walls leading to the house and to the side garden. on the near side of the patio is a sitting area with table and chairsand covered by a pergola with grape vines woven in between the slates a few feet further is a raised garden for violetsand lemon verbana right off the eating nook in the kitchen . well that's my ideal house inside and out. the best thing is my wife and myself finished getting every thing the way we wanted and have been living here fo about 15 years

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