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1.Cody Runnels(Cody Rhodes),Dustin Runnels Jr.(Goldust),and Dustin Runnels Sr.(Dusty Rhodes)

2.Matthew Hardy(Matt Hardy),Jeffery Hardy(Jeff Hardy),and Big John Hardy(John Hardy)

3.Montel Vontanius Porter Jr.(MVP),Mark Henry(Mark Porter),and Montel Vontanius Porter Sr.(Motel Porter)

4.Calen Borretta(Calen Croft),Trent Borretta(Trent Borretta),and Tommy Borretta(Tommy Borretta)

5.Eddie Fatu(Umaga),Khalif Fatu(The Great Khali),and Jim Fatu("Hacksaw" Jim Duggan)

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randy orton Cody Rhodes and ted dibiase

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Q: What wrestlers are brothers and their dads were wrestlers too?
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