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who fought for freedom of speech?

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Q: What writer fought for tolerance reason freedom of religious belief and freedom of speech?
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Who Fought for tolerance reason freedom of religious belief and freedom of speech?


What Rhode Island minister fought for religious freedom?

Roger Williams.

The liberties that the colonists fought to protect were based on?

The Colonists fought to protect certain liberties. These liberties were based on their belief to pursue happiness and religious freedoms.

What was the belief of African Americans who fought with the patriots?

I'm in 5th grade and I know this the African Americans who fought with the patriots believed that the Americans were fighting for freedom so if they fought with them they would have freedom from slavery. Prince Hall, and Mohandas Gandhi were good examples durning the war too.

Why is Anne Hutchinson important in Rhode Island history?

Anne Hutchinson was important because she fought for religious freedom

Why have people throughout history fought in the name of religious freedom?

Read the book called: The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker

How did the US became an independent nation?

The United States become an independent nation after the colonists fought religious freedom against the british.

What are the top reasons for war through all times?

I am under the impression that most wars have been fought over religious freedom. Am I wrong?

If slaves fought in the civil war did they get freedom?

---- ---- ---- ---- if they fought in the side on the union they gained their freedom

Who tried to fight the Romans for their freedom?

Generally, those who fought against a Roman invasion fought for their freedom. The biggest fighter for their freedom were the Jews.

Who fought with Britain for freedom?

If you talking about freedom from the Nazi's then it was the Americans and basically the rest of the world who fought with the British

What are some reasons the US has freedom?

we fought for it. we fought the British or UK.

Is Malcolm X a religious leader?

Yes he was considered that. He joined the Nation Of Islam and that encouraged many people to do so, such as Cassius Clay (Muhammed Ali). But he mostly fought for freedom and blacks' rights.

What did Nelson Mandela do about his belief?

He fought for what was right

What did the slaves fight for?

They fought for freedom!

The fought the Romans for freedom and drove them out of Jerusalem.?

It was the Zealots

Who fought the Romans for freedom and drove them out of Jerusalem.?

It was the Zealots

Is there a difference in day to day life between Canada and an official communist country such as Cuba China or North Korea?

There is a huge difference! Canadians enjoy a compareable but much better system of health care, an equivelant , but much improved educational system and they live in a world of polital, social and religious tolerance. Freedom is a word seldom invoked, often mis-used, and routinely exploited,. It is something that Canadians enjoy, have fought and died for and enjoy.

Causes of roosevelt corollary?

they fought for freedom

What colonies fought for State Rights?


How did gandhi fought for freedom?

k knknn

What did Abraham Lincoln do for his coutry?

He fought for freedom

Who fought for Cuban freedom?

Fidel Castro

What four groups of people fought for political rights in the 1800's?

women - right to vote Blacks- for freedom Irish- acceptance Jews- religious toleration

What was the war America fought against Britain to get its freedom called?

The war that America fought against Britain to attain freedom was the Revolutionary War. I sincerely hope this will help your ailment :) .