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What writer fought for tolerance reason freedom of religious belief and freedom of speech?


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who fought for freedom of speech?

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The Colonists fought to protect certain liberties. These liberties were based on their belief to pursue happiness and religious freedoms.

I'm in 5th grade and I know this the African Americans who fought with the patriots believed that the Americans were fighting for freedom so if they fought with them they would have freedom from slavery. Prince Hall, and Mohandas Gandhi were good examples durning the war too.

Anne Hutchinson was important because she fought for religious freedom

Read the book called: The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker

---- ---- ---- ---- if they fought in the side on the union they gained their freedom

The United States become an independent nation after the colonists fought religious freedom against the british.

If you talking about freedom from the Nazi's then it was the Americans and basically the rest of the world who fought with the British

Generally, those who fought against a Roman invasion fought for their freedom. The biggest fighter for their freedom were the Jews.

I am under the impression that most wars have been fought over religious freedom. Am I wrong?

They fought for freedom!

women - right to vote Blacks- for freedom Irish- acceptance Jews- religious toleration

they fought for freedom

he was the one who fought for our civil rights.he fought for our freedom.he helped us be equal

I think the war was fought for our freedom

We fought in the revelutionary war.

Because he fought for our freedom

because they fought for our freedom

because they fought for our freedom

They fought for liberty for freedom & independence.

because they needed freedom

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