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1976, the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. 1987 would also work, that being the 200th anniversary of the Constitution.

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Q: What year did America have its Bicentennial?
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What year did America celebrate its bicentennial?


In what year did America celebrate its bicentennial?


In what year did America celebrate it's bicentennial?

Sunday, July 4, 1976

When did Australia celebrate its Bicentennial year?

Australia celebrated its bicentennial year in 1988.

What was the year of The year of the America's bicentennial?

1776 I disagree, the question "What was the year of the year of america's bicentenial?" The year that was the year of the bi centenial was 1976 which commemorated 200 years since 1776 and the nations' Declaration of Independence

What is your bicentennial year?

A bicentennial is the 200th anniversary of anything. For example, the American Bicentennial was 1976, the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth is 2009.

What was the general mood of America's bicentennial?


Give a sentence with bicentennial in it?

Bicentennial means 200 years old. We celebrated our country's bicentennial last year.

What year was American bicentennial?

The American bicentennial was in 1976. It was July 4, 1976, to be exact.

What is a bicentennial and when was it celebrated in th US?

A bicentennial is a 200-year celebration. 1976 was the bicentennial for the Declaration of Independence and there was a big celebration. The bicentennial of Washington's birth in 1932 was a big event as was the bicentennial of the ratification of the US Constitution in 1987.

What year was the bicentenial?

The American bicentennial was 1976.

What do you call a 200 year anniversary?


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