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what year did Bill Clinton's dad die

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Q: What year did Bill Clinton daddy die?
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Did Bill Clinton die?

No bill Clinton hasn't died yet and is still healthy as a horse.

Where did Bill Clinton die at?

Nowhere, he didn't die yet.

When did Bill Cliton die?

since it is 2014 or 2015 bill clinton is not dead yet.

Is Bill Clinton's mother still living?

I don't think she is - when did she die?

What day did Bill Clinton's mom die?

Thursday the 6th of January 1994.

Cesar Millan and Daddy did daddy die?

no daddy the male pull dog did not die

Can Bill Clinton serve as vice president then president if the elected president were to die?

No,by law you can on serve two terms.

When was Bill Clinton dead?

First off, the word should be "die", not "died" Second: HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING THE NEWS? Former President Clinton JUST filled in for Obama in a press conference, whenObama left to see his wife, who been kept waiting for a measley 30 minutes.

Could bill Clinton be elected vice president and become president if the president should die?

No- Clinton can not be president because he as already been twicel elected. Therefore he can not be vice-president.

What year did bill Owen die?

where bill Owen real buried

What year did bill kazmier die?

hes not dead

When did Clinton Rickard die?

Clinton Rickard died in 1971.