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Wales has been affiliated to England since the 13th century.

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Q: What year did England join Wales?
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When did England join wales?

they joined in 1707

What year did Wales join the UK?

wales joined in 2008

Which of place join England from great Britain?

Great Britain is comprised of England, Scotland and Wales, both of which have a border with England.

What countries join the UK?

The UK is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In which year was wales merged with England?

The formal union was in 1536.

Why did Henry VIII decide to join Wales and England together?

Because i tripped over Jeremy Kyle

When did Wales join England as a part of Great Britain?

Wales and England have always been part of Great Britain, as Great Britain is an island and not a country, whereas the UK is a country. Wales and England were together under the Romans, but became separate countries during the Middle Ages. In 1282, Wales was annexed by England and wasn't really treated as being separate part to England until the 1950s.

Is Liverpool in England or Wales?

Liverpool is in England. close to Wales, but in England.

In what year was homosexuality legalized in the UK?

England and Wales - 1967Scotland - 1981N Ireland - 1982England and Wales - 1967Scotland - 1981N Ireland - 1982

What other continent does England join at its eastern border?

England is entirely part of Europe.It does not have a border with any other continent.The country to the east of England is either Wales or Ireland.

Why did Wales join the UK?

Wales has always been connected as it part of the land mass of Britain however, through governance Wales is in the UK because Henry VII of Wales won a battle against Richard III of England and became the King of England. He became the King of two different countries and united them

Wales v England Six Nations results in the last five years?

2008. England 19 - Wales 26 2009. Wales 23 - England 15 2010. England 30 - Wales 17 2011. Wales 19 - England 26 2012. England 12 - Wales 19

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