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Japan attacked China long before the rest of the world got involved in World War 2, beginning by taking control of Manchuria in 1931-33. Then in 1937 they moved against the entire country.

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Why did Japan declare war on China during World War 2?

The Mukden Incident ~ see related link below .

When did the Us declare war on china?

the us didn't declare war on china in world war 2 us declared war on japan on 1941 when japan bombed pearl harbor hawii

Why did the Japanese declare war on the US during World War 2?

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, causing the US to declare war on Japan.

After World War I how did Japan gain economic influence in China?

japan was given land in china during the peace process:)

Was Japan an Ally in World War 1?

Yes, in a way. In 1914 Japan did declare war on Germany, but only as a means to their end of taking over China, as Germany had significant holdings in China.

After World War 1 how did Japan gain economic influence in China?

japan was given land in china during the peace process

Who took over China during World War 2?

China was invaded by Japan in 1937.

When did Russia declare war on Japan in World War II?

Russia declared war on Japan during World War II on August 8, 1945.

Why did China side with allies during World War 2?

China was invaded, at least in part, by Japan

Did Japan use biological warfare on China in World War 2?

Yes, Japan did use a form of biological warfare on China during World War Two. Japan bombed China with fleas that were deliberately infected with the bubonic plague.

When did Japan invade China during World War 2?

The Japanese invaded China on July 7 1937.

Who did china fight throughout World War 2?

during the word war 2 china was fighting with japan

During World War 2 Was China Part Of The Allies Or Axis?

China was with the allies as it had been invaded by Japan.

What was the relationship between China and Japan during post World War 2?

china was having an affair with Korea and japan found out so the relationship was not good

Who attacked china during World War 2?

Japan was at war in China from 1931 until the end of WWII in 1945.

Who dominated china during World War 2?

Japan took it over then the allies helped China got it back.

Why did japan occupy China during World War 2?

Prior to as well as during World War II, Japan occupied significant portions of China, with various offensives and other action taken with the aim of subjugating China as a whole. Japan did so for the sake of expanding its own empire while also taking control of the material resources found within China.

What type of government did China have during World War 2?

During World War 2, the Government of China was a puppet regime set up by the Imperial powers of Japan. Viscous fighting between China and Japan began in 1931. Prior to Japan's invasion in 1931 China was a republic with voting rights for its citizens.

What countries were attacked by Japan during World War 2?

The united states And China (Manchuria).

Why did Franklin D. Roosevelt cut off japan during World War 2?

Because Japan invaded China, and Japan was an axis power.

Why were the Asian countries of china and japan on opposite sides during world war 2?

Japan was invading countries to take land and natural resources. One of the countries that Japan wanted to take land from was China. China has iron and coal in the north.

Why did the Soviet Union declare war on Japan during World War 2?

USSR was part of the Allies, but mostly because Japan was spreading and their empire was becoming a threat to the USSR

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