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Sometime before she was 60.

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Q: What year did Jesus' mother Mary die?
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Where was Mary Jesus' mother when he died?

she was at the cross. watching him die.

Where did Mary mother of Jesus die?

There is no mention of her death in the bible.

Why do Catholics honor Mary as their mother?

We honour Mary as our Mother because she is the mother of Jesus. Without Mary, there would be no Jesus, without Jesus, there would be no church. So that means without Mary, there'd be no Church. So Mary is the Mother of our Church. Also, when Jesus was about to die, he said to John to take Mary as his Mother, and to Mary, to take John as her son. Since the Catholic Church is an Apostolic Church, and John was an Apostle, she is our Mother as well.

Why did Jesus tell John this is your mother?

Jesus told John that Mary would be his mother as he Jesus was about to die on the cross, so he would llook after her as Jesus liked John .

What age did Mary mother of Jesus die?

Mary was Assumed into Heaven around 45 - 50 years of age.

Who witnessed Jesus Die on the cross?

Mary Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdeline, John and the rest of Jesus' disciples(excluding Judus, for his suicide), chief priests, teachers of the law, elders, Mary the mother of James and Joses, and the mother of Zebedee's sons, Simon(the cross bearer of Jesus), and other common people.

When did Mary the mother of God die?

Mary, the mother of Jesus, the Scriptures do not mention how, where, or when she died. All we know is that when she ended her life, she was assumed into heaven, body and soul.

What year did Mary's mother died?

Mary didn't die. She was assumed Body & Soul into Heaven.

What year day and month did Mary mother of Jesus die?

This information has not been recorded for posterity, and if it had been, the calendar system would have been very differently structured

Who saw Jesus die?

Mary saw Jesus die

How did Jesus's mother Mary die?

She didn't die. She was assumed Body & Soul into Heaven, just like the Prophets Elijah & Enoch were.

When was Mary mother of Jesus born and when did she die?

Mary was born about 15 years prior to Conceiving Christ. Mary didn't die. She was Assumed physically into Heaven (like the Prophet Elijah), either in Ephesus, or Jerusalem.

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