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he didint

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Q: What year did Randy Orton kill mr McMahon?
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What is randy orton's sexual orientation?

Randy Orton is straight, & married to Samantha Orton. Not to mention he has a one year old daughter.

What year was Randy Orton married in?


Who is the superstar of the year 2011?

Randy Orton

Of what year was Randy Orton born?

Randy was born on April 1, 1980.

What year was randy orton born?

Randy was born on April 1, 1980.

Randy Orton how old is he?

No she is a year younger

What year did the Aztecs make a calendar?

When randy orton rode the wooly mammuths

How old is Randi Orton from WWE Raw?

Randy Orton born on April 1, 1980 and his current age is 30 years.

Do Mr.Kennedy Love Randy Orton?

Neither Orton or Kennedy are gay. Randy is happliy married to Samatha and Kennedy is also happily married in fact Kennedy and his wife just celebrated their 1 year anniversary!

Samntha Spreno pegant by Randy Orton?

yes...that's his wife...Their first child was born last year in July. Her name is Alana Marie Orton.

Is Ashley and Randy Orton reallly dating?

No they have never dated! Randy is married to Samatha and has been for over a year and they had a baby this past July 2008.

How many fans does Randy Orton have?

Randy has a 21 year old sister named Becky. Other than that he has a brother named Nathan.