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Q: What year did Simon Bolivar discover Bolivia?
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What year was Simon bolivar born in?

He was born in 24 July 1783 and died in 1830.

When did Confederate General Simon Bolivar Buckner graduate from West Point?

Confederate General Simon Bolivar graduated from West point in 1844. Among the 25 graduating cadets of that year, Bolivar ranked eleventh. Bolivar saw most of his action in the Western Theater. He fought under General Braxton Bragg at the Battle of Perryville.

This country was named for Venezuelan general who helped it and some other countries win freedom from Spain?

The country of Bolivia got its name after independents leader Simon Bolivar, who helped greatly in the Spanish-American war for independence to several South American countries to gain their freedom from the Spanish crown control. The original proposed name for the country was 'Republic of Bolivar', but by October of 1825 the name 'Bolivia' was officially approved. In the year 2009 its name was officially changed again to the 'Plurinational State of Bolivia'.

Was Simon Bolivar married?

yes he married a women from nobleman family called teresa del toro. however, she died less than a year after their marriage.

What year did Bolivia gain its independence?

Bolivia gained independence in 1825.

How many inches of precipitation does Bolivia get each year?

Bolivia gets about 80 inches of rain each year.

How much does the average person in Bolivia make a year?

According to a person makes about 5,000 dollars a year in Bolivia

What year did Bolivia win its independence from Peru?

Bolivia won it's INDEPENDENCE from Peru in 1825

How much a year does the President of Bolivia make?

Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia, makes approximately $28,000 US dollars per year.

What year did the pilgrims discover America?

1620 is the year the pilgrims discover America

What is the population of people of Bolivia?

in July last year it was estimated that Bolivia had a population of approximatly 9, 120,000

What year Galileo Galilei discover Saturn?

He didn't discover Saturn, but he did discover the rings of Saturn. I think the year was 1610.

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