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April 30th 1975 ; Saigon fell to the communists .

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Q: What year did South Vietnam surrender to North Vietnam?
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In what year did Vietnam split into North and South Vietnam?


In what year did Vietnam split into north and south?


What year did the North Vietnamese take over Saigon?

North Vietnamese Tanks rolled through the gates of the Presidential Palace in Saigon in April, 1975. The President of South Vietnam, Nguyen Van Thieu, fled the country in the days before the country fell to North Vietnam, leaving a successor to surrender.

What year did Vietnam stop being divided North and South and unite to one country Vietnam?


What year was Vietnam first divided?

Vietnam was divided into north and south at the 17th parallel by the Geneva Accords of 1954.

Who was the winner of Vietnam war in 1990?

North Vietnamese won the Vietnam War, and it is the year 1975, not 1990, that they militarily defeat South Vietnam.

What year did American troops enter the Vietnam war between north and south Vietnam?

Ask Si from Duck Dynasty

What year was it when theVietnam war started?

The Vietnam War Started Cause south Vietnam liked Cheese and was taking all of it and North Vietnam didnt get any. the year it stared was 1955

In what year did north Vietnam capture south Vietnam?

South Vietnam was overrun in 1975, ending the Vietnam War. The forces of North Vietnam captured Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) on April 30, 1975 and the republic was officially unified on July 2, 1976.

In what year was North and South Vietnam divided?

In 1954 after the conclusion of the French Indochina War.

Was Glenn Little in the Vietnam war?

Glenn Mathew Little was born in 1975, the year North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam, thus ending the war.

What good things happened during the Vietnam war?

Good thing that is South Vietnamese can keep the freedom of capitalism for vietnames over 20 year. So, finally by do something bad and North vietnam doesn't keep The Paris Peace Accordsbetween north and south of vietnam that the cause to make north vietnam won, but that is the action so rough of the north vietnam

What year did south Vietnam began to fight north Vietnam?

Combat, mostly guerrilla warfare, commenced in 1954 and 1955. The rival factions of North Vietnam and South Vietnam were officially partitioned by the UN in 1956, although this was intended to be a temporary agreement in the aftermath of the French withdrawal from their former colony (French Indochina).

What battles did Vietnam win and what year and month and what battles did they lose?

North Vietnam defeated South Vietnam on 30 April 1975 with a conventional tank & infantry attack.

How long did the conflict in Vietnam last?

Most historians generally accept the year 1961 as the starting date, and the North did conquer South Vietnam in 1975.

What year did fighting begin between north and south Vietnam?

Historians normally "begin" the date in 1961.

How much does it rain in Vietnam?

The North gets about 60 inches of rain a year and the South gets about 80 inches of rain a year.

In what year was Vietnam split into two countries - North Vietnam and South Vietnam?

In 1954, a set of documents called the Geneva Accords was signed, splitting the Vietnamese region of French Indochina into two separate countries called North Vietnam and South Vietnam. However, the Geneva Accords also included a provision that called for elections in the future to join the two into one unified country.

What would have happend if us never fought for south Vietnam?

The North would have won the war in a year or two.

What year was Vietnam established?

1. The two NATIONS of North and South Vietnams were created in 1954. 2. The one NATION of Vietnam was created in 1975.

Did the south surrender in the year of 1865?

yes they did

What year did south Vietnam need more help in Vietnam?

South Vietnam NEEDED help each year. The problem NEVER got better. It just grew and grew.

Why does the US lose Vietnam?

we didn't lose Vietnam. We simply left when President Nixon went into office. We trained the south Vietnam people to fend for themselves and slowly took troops out, then when the two Vietnam's called a peace treaty for the new year celebration Tet north Vietnam issued several attacks on South Vietnam. So the side we were helping lost but truthfully we did not lose.

What brought the Vietnam War to an end in 1975?

The NVA launched a conventional ground offensive into South Vietnam, driving their T54/55 medium battle tanks onto the South's Capital grounds; that ended it.North Vietnamese Army tanks smashed into the South's capital in April 1975; war was over...North won.Because the North won the war in that year.

What year did US pull out of Vietnam?

US Combat Forces pulled out of Vietnam in March 1973 under the Nixon administration, all US Personnel were pulled out in April 1975 under President Ford's administration, when South Vietnam fell to North Vietnam's Army.