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6.4L Power Stroke Diesel Engine fitted to 2008 - 2010 F250, F350 and F450 pickup trucks and F350 + Cab Chassis SPONSORED BY:


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1994 to 1998 Model Year F-250 with 7.3L Powerstroke - 12.5 seconds 1999 to 2003 Model Year F-250 with 7.3L Powerstroke - 13.2 seconds 2004 to 2004 Model Year F-250 with 6.0L Powerstroke - 13.1 seconds 2005 to 2007 Model Year F-250 with 6.0L Powerstroke - 13.6 seconds 2008 to 2010 Model Year F-250 with 6.4L Powerstroke - 13.4 seconds 2011 to 20?? Model Year F-250 with 6.7L Powerstroke - 13.0 seconds

It will cost approximately $60 to replace a solenoid in your Ford Explorer. The exact cost is dependent upon which solenoid is to be replaced.

Depends on what model year with what engine you are referring to.

It can run between $30 and $60 to replace the oil pan housing for this car. It all depends on where the part is bought, and who does the replacing.

can i replace a p255/60 r15 with a p215/70 r15

The size of the tires of a Ford Escort vary on the year make. However, the smallest size is 175/70 R13 and the largest is 185/60 R15.

IT depends, if you have the gas 5.4 / gas 6.8 / or the turbo diesel. IF you provided more details to the Year, engine and if its Stock or not.

The Edsel was sold in 1958-59-60. The 1958 & 59 Edsel were very distinctive with the horse collar grill. The 1960 Edsel was nothing more than a rebadged Ford Galaxy. The 1960 model was the last year.

185 60 r 15 could replace them.

Your best choices are 205 60 r15.

I would get the cooling sytem flushed and then replace the coolant ( mixture of antifreeze and preferably distilled water - usually 50 / 50 mix , but if a colder climate Ford states on Ford vehicles up to 60 % antifreeze can be used )

Ford vehicles come from the factory with a 50 / 50 mix of distilled water and the correct type of antifreeze for the vehicle ( for year round use ) Ford states not to exceed 60% antifreeze in the mix ( for colder climates and year round )

2012 - 60 = 1952 (the year the person was born)

You can replace them with 205/60-14 or 175/70-14.

The 2007 Ford Mustang V6 0-60 in 6.4 seconds and the V8 in 5.3 seconds

I am having the same problem with my Ford Explorer 2011. When I accelerate to 60-65 I start smelling the smell. I have had my car in and out of service for the past year about this smell and they finally told me it is the carburator.

Well there are 8,760 hours in a year and 60 minutes in a hour, so 60 times 8,760 is 525,600 minutes in a year.

There are 365 days in one year. 1% of a year is 365/100, which is 3.65. If you multiply 3.65 by 60 you can find 60% of a year, which is 219 days.

Lol i tought you said hobbos for 60 year old man!

2010 - 60 = 1950 Assuming they've already had their birthday this year. If not, then 1949.

It would help if you completed the question. My 60 what?

i have a ford focus and the tire size is 195 R15 60

the ford shelby top speed is 179 mph 0- 60 in 3.9 seconds

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